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Where Stars Land (KDrama Review & Summary)


Where Stars Land (KDrama Review & Summary)

Where Stars Land poster

  • Genre: Romance, Aviation, Thriller
  • Release Date: October 2018
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Kdrama: 16 (32) Episodes



  • Lee Jee-Hoon as Lee Soo-Yeon
  • Chae Soo-Bin as Han Yeo-Reum
  • Lee Dong-Gun as Seo In-Woo
  • Kim Kyung-Nam as Oh Dae-Ki (policeman)
  • Kim Ji-Soo as Yang Seo-Koon
  • Lee Soo-Kyung as Na Young-Joo (policewoman)
  • Ro Woon as Ko Eun-Sub (Yeo Reum’s male friend)
  • Jang Hyun Sung as Kwon Hee-Seung
  • Jung Jae-Sung as Kwon Hee-Seung
  • Lee Sung Wook as Choi Moo-Ja (Head of Security)
  • Choi Won-Young as Han Jae-Young


Bionic man meets annoying woman at the busy Incheon International Ariport.

Episode 1

Despite having worked at Incheon International Airport for more than a year, Han Yeo-Reum, is still technically a newbie because she does not last in any department.

She is enthusiastic enough but lacks common sense, rather willful and loud. Plus the fact that her time-keeping and sense of direction are atrocious.

Anyway, her latest assignment was at the Passenger Services, where she complained that her mentor was even more of a newbie than her.

This mentor was Lee Seo Yoon, who is a bit on the mysterious side.  He is perfunctory and cold.  Despite this, he was popular because of a rumour that he is super strong.  He was able to save a young child from being crushed by a trolley full of pieces of luggage.  Seo Yoon is rumoured to have held off the trolley with just one hand.

There is actually a truth in this rumour as witnessed by Yeo Reum herself when they were on a mission to find a passenger with schizophrenia who forgot to take his medication.  This passenger was already going berserk and was about to strike Yeo Reum with one of those crowd control posts in chrome :), which would have been deadly to her had Seo Yoon been not in time to fend off the post with his bionic arm.

At that moment Yeo Reum realised that she had met Lee Seo Yoon before.  He once saved her from a free falling car from hitting her, covering her with his body and holding off the car with just one bionic arm.

Yeo Reum tried to talk about this with Seo Yoon but he blanked her telling her he’s never met her before.

There is no such thing as coincidence.  Everything happens for a reason!

This drama has huge potential but they need to tighten up the script better, the stand-off between airlines was rather boring; Yeo Reum was super annoying and on the stupid side.  Surely if you have been working at the airport for a year, you would more or less know the layout no matter how huge it was, she should have known that there are super annoying people everywhere and therefore prepared at how to deal with them and not engaged in a brawl.  She is giving women and Incheon airport a bad name by being such a bird-brain employee.  I can see now why Park Shin Hye and Suzy turned down the role.

Episode 2

I thought I was a bit harsh with Yeo Reum but actually, she is even stupider than I thought.

She saw a suspicious character dropping a plastic bag in a trash can, this is after there was an email for employees to be wary of suspicious bags as a bomb alert was currently in place.

This Miss Stupid blatantly ignored the warning and went to have a look at the bag.  Ok, it was not a bomb but gold bars.

She then reported the matter to the anti-terrorists police.  She later harangued them for taking the crowd control posts without her permission.  She really made a song and dance about it.  She does not care that barrier posts were used for something emergency like to control damage to persons and properties.  Ok the call was a hoax, there were no bombs, it was just an overactive imagination of a petulant teenager who does not want to go to Japan with his amateur smugglers parents.

When she was told by Seo Yoon, her mentor, to focus on advising retailers to remove their cutout placards outside their shops, Miss Stupid lectured him about priorities.  She would not have it that a child falling over with one of the cardboard cutouts is enough of an emergency for her to stop her pseudo-Miss Marple investigation and meddling.

As to her investigation/meddling, she was told that next time she sees contrabands, to report it to the customs rather than the anti-terrorist police.  She did not get any thanks for her effort.

Once again a cardboard display almost fell on another child but thank goodness Miss Stupid caught the display just in time.  Then she finally realised the danger of these displays.

As an apology she bought a sandwich and a drink for her mentor, who she noticed had to cut his lunchtime short because he was being disturbed by a curious chief of security, who noticed his special power when apprehending the teenage hoaxer.

She went to look for her mentor, who she found in the kitchenette boiling a kettle for his ramen.  Miss Stupid tried to be helpful and poured the boiling water on the ramen cup.  Being such a stupid clutch, she drops the cup on the hand of her mentor.  She went to apply ice to his hand but was assured that he does not feel pain, she gave him a good slap in the face to make sure he was telling the truth. He felt the pain, I felt the pain too of her stupidity.  He said he does not feel pain in his arms and hands.

Seriously, she is super annoying.

The end of the episode shows Soo Yeon entering a shop called Fox Bride Star, which is actually the alternative title for this drama.

Episode 3

Thank goodness this drama is actually improving.  Though Miss Stupid is still as annoying.  I wish they don’t focus too much on her as the side stories that go on in the airport are much more interesting.

In this episode, Yang Seo Koon team has moved to Terminal 2 and before they can unpack their things, Miss Stupid has already created mayhem.

What I don’t really get is that she apparently allows the higher ups to tell her off for things she has not done wrong, be sexist towards her and yet we saw her character from episode one that she has not stopped complaining, she is not a team player, she is loud, she is bolshie, etc.

How can the script then say that she is a poor, abused woman, a victim of sexual harassment and sexism that she doesn’t have the nerve to complain about how she was being treated?!!!  She did say that she only works for herself?  She has no qualms in going against the airline protocol to be of service and get the glory.

So it does not make sense for Miss Stupid to be portrayed as someone who is so bolshie and be a victim the next!

Miss Stupid overheard some commotion at the women’s toilet. Upon investigation, she saw a passenger having an altercation with an off-duty female security officer.  Their squabble was about the passenger removing the yellow stickers from her suitcases which the security officer stopped her doing.

The passenger aggressively dropped the stickers into the loo to flush but Miss Stupid stopped her and got a slap for her trouble.

Miss Stupid just stood watching, not calling for back-up, while the security officer tried to subdue the hostile passenger until the on-duty police arrived.

The passenger it turned out was a daughter of a minister and she was complaining about injury to her face.

Miss Stupid was told to apologise on her bended knees to the passenger which she ultimately agreed to do.

At the last moment, she asked the passenger to apologise to her instead for the slap.  Thank goodness Bionic Man was there and had secretly recorded the phone call of the passenger to her lawyer.  Apparently, she does not want her father to know her airport trouble, she just wants to frighten the airport management just a little bit using the threat of a potential lawsuit so that they waive the airport tax for all the designer bags, etc, she brought into the country.

Seo In Woo was shown starring puzzledly at Bionic Man as they knew one another a long time ago and In Woo was a witness to Bionic Man’s accident where he was all broken up.  In Woo was thinking how possible it was that Soo Yeon had fully recovered?

Bionic Man once again went into the Fox  Bride Star and the bartender tended to his bionic arm.

Miss Stupid did say in the end that her father used to tell her that the airport runaway was like a fox bride star, where stars fly out and land in.

Episode 4

This episode tackles being humane and the plight of an illegal immigrant.

There was a very pregnant Filipina (played by Lauren Young, younger sister of Philippines’ first ever and still only Miss World winner, Megan Young)  at the Terminal 2 waiting for her husband’s flight from the Philippines.

The wife’s water broke and was taken to the medical emergency room to give birth. Between contractions, the wife is begging for her husband.

Her husband was refused entry to South Korea because he was using a bogus passport.  He was then about to be sent back to the Philippines and waiting to board a plane.

He asked if he could use the toilet first before boarding.

By this time Miss Stupid is in their case.  She was just about to go plead for the situation of the Filipino husband and wife when she was stopped by her boss, who was reminded by a senior colleague that she was also a once upon a time, a Miss Stupid clone.

So Dumb and Dumber went to the immigration boss and beg for the Filipino husband to see his wife and newborn daughter.

The Immigration said NO.  Explaining that one good act could start a volley of corruption.  There is a reason for having a border and it is more than an individual.

I think there is a reason to have these borders, you do not want troublemakers inside your realm.  At this instance, the Filipino guy went berserk with a pen.  He was practically unstoppable.  He was a nasty thug who was beyond reasoning.  He hurt Bionic Man badly in the arm.  The use of a very good-looking actor to play the thug was very conducive to wring sympathy for the flight of the Filipino family.  Just saying!

Anyway, Bionic Man was a very forgiving man and was  Ohhhhing and ahhhing at the newborn baby.

He strategically arranged that the Filipino father gets to see his wife and child even if it was between a glass pane.

I would have not been so surprised if the Filipino husband had gone berserk once again when he saw his newborn daughter who was obviously Korean.  Aha!  His wife had been playing around while in South Korea!   🙂 🙂 🙂

The chief of immigration had a change of heart as well.  Though he will deport the Filipino family, at least he will let them stay together before they board the plane back to the Philippines.

This episode ended in a cliff-hanger where Miss Stupid mother’s plane coming from Africa will be crash landing due to an engine being on fire.

It is getting better, the drama, I mean!

I hope the succeeding episodes are not too schmaltzy.

Episode 5

Miss Stupid has calmed down a bit so I will now be downgrading her to being Miss Drama Queen.

Anyway, this episode is a bit of anti-climax.  It was really sedate compared to the trailer where the plane was supposed to be on fire with passengers in a thrilling peril.  Nothing of that happened.  The plane landed without much trauma, despite the tears and shock of Miss Drama Queen.

Bionic Man suffered damage to the circuits, causing his arm to look like he had a stroke.  But despite the problem, he went surreptitiously inside the plane to save Miss Drama Queen’s mother, who was the only casualty of the emergency situation.  A megalomanic passenger who wanted to get out first shoved the mother who was restraining him from racing to the plane door ahead of everyone.  So finally we know where Miss Drama Queen gets her nosiness and bossiness

Bionic man tended to the mother secretly.

When all the drama was over, Miss Drama Queen arranged to meet up with Bionic Man as he left work without his rucksack.

When they met in the pouring rain, Miss Drama Queen just have to ask him why he looked after her mother?  Was it because he likes helping people in need? Was it because of his hero complex? Or was it because he likes her?

He said no immediately to the first two and then after some camera angles here and there, he unemotionally said … “Yes” and then he walked away.

Episode 6

Ok, I shall review my perception of Miss Drama Queen yet again and I am finally going to call her Yeo Reum.

She is beginning to redeem herself in my eyes.  Don’t let me down, Yeo Reum.

Her reaction post-confession by Bionic Man was stellar.  Chae Soo-Bin gave a good performance of showing a mixture of being very flattered, confused, stupified and uncertain at the same time.

She did not expect Bionic Man to confess to her after all most of the time, he treated her like the dimwit that she was.  Rightly so.  🙂

But they seemed to have a history together that is alien to her.  He first saw her a year ago at the Fox Bride Star bar/restaurant.

During the first 3 seconds, he fell for her.  It was love at first sight.  Ahhhh

This episode reveals more of the mystery between Bionic Man and Seo In Woo.  It sounded like they were step-brothers, who did get on well as youngsters until that horrendous accident, which saw Lee Soo Yeon all broken up.

Seo In Woo is flabbergasted to see that Lee Soo Yeon is functioning perfectly until he got an inkling that he is part metal.

It appears that Yeo Reum’s father may have lent a hand in turning Soo Yeon into a Bionic Man.

Episode 7

Yeo Reum is currently homeless and had been illegally storing her suitcases at the airport which caused a bit of a commotion.

Bionic Man invited her to stay at his place for the night.

Yeo Reum got as far as the inside the door of his apartment then she changed her mind.  But she was persuaded to stay by Bionic Man.

He was a good host, he fed her and then allowed her to use the couch to rest for the night.  He then made her sandwiches for breakfast but he has already gone to work.

She was just leaving when she encountered the airport policewoman, Young Joo, right in the doorsteps.  She was lost for words as Young Joo was just moving in almost next door to the Bionic Man’s apartment.  Yeo Reum doesn’t know how to explain that she stayed at Bionic Man’s house rather chastely.

Meanwhile, Bionic Man had to go to work early in order to meet up with Choi Moo Ja, who had been coersed into investigating Bionic Man.  He gave Bionic Man a week to decide whether to resign or allow him to investigate the appliance he has got in his arm if it might be contravening airport security.

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14


As you have probably guessed, I have yet to watch episode 8-14.  The initial interest I had with this drama had drastically waned because try as I might, I just can’t warm to Yeo Reum.  I just find her stupid!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Like in this episode as well, having seen her boyfriend, the bionic man, all battered and bruised and obviously unwell, she wasted precious minutes to contact security when she saw with her own eyes that some rather suspect characters had him surrounded in the toilet.

Not only as a devoted girlfriend but as part of her job as a member of the Passenger Service, she should have contacted security as soon as she saw that other airport customers were scared to go to the toilet because of the men in black suits.

She has her walkie talkie, why did she not use it to call security?!!!

Anyway, it seems that a nasty businessman who has In-Woo and Hee-Seung as his airport bitches has the ambition to take over the airport.

With his bitches, who are high up in the management of Incheon airport, he wanted the airport to be privatised.

Thank goodness, Seo-Koon got to find out before the bitches progress the proposal.  Seo Koon said that privatisation will not be good for Incheon.

In-Woo said that privatisation is not bad, it is already adopted by Heathrow, Frankfurt, Sydney, etc.  To which Seo Koon said that Heathrow is 6 (60?) per cent more expensive than Incheon.  Too right!  The privatisation of public transport/airports and essential amenities in the UK is so bad.  Fares in the UK is one of the highest in Europe.  Private companies usually foreign-owned increase prices without batting an eyelid and the poor people just have to grin and bear it.  So bad idea, I a with Seo Koon.  Go! Girl! No to Privatisation!!!

Eun Sub finally got his confirmation from Yeo Reum that he will never be more than a friend with her because she already has a man in the Bionic Man, who she did not know is nearing his expiry date.  He might be dying.

The end of this episode is that the men in black frogmarched the weakened Bionic Man outside to presumably beat him up for unfinished business due to the hard drive that his brother, In-Woo had stolen years ago.

Episode 16  – Finale

Oh ho as the 100 Days My Prince would exclaim in disgust!!!

What a sorry, messy ending, thought so too by the Bionic Man, who refuses to show his face anymore 🙂 🙂 🙂

Three-quarters of this episode was really not bad.

In-Woo had some sort of reconciliation with Bionic Man, they reminisced that despite being stepbrothers only for three years In-Woo and the Soo Yeon were really family to each other.  Later on, In-Woo pushed Soo Yeon/Bionic Man away from him, cut all ties to protect Soo Yeon because In-Woo is still under the radar of the corrupt and nasty businessman, Mr Joon.

Bionic Man, however, is deteriorating fast.  He actually wanted to just perish and disappear into nothingness.  But there is still a way to save his organic body from being consumed by the virus within it.

A serum had to be plunged into him to stop him, his body from its normal function.  Yeo Reum had to do it.

One year later….

Young Joo and Dae Ki are not even officially dating yet!  WTH?!!!  This must be the slowest courtship in the modern age!

Yang Seo Koon had become the director replacing Kwon Hee-Seung.

Ko Eun Sub is still hanging on Yeo Reum but he has become a consultant and was on his way to the Middle East for a job.

Yeo Reum has finally become more competent and has a lovely dress towards the end of the episode. The perfect outfit to wear as she reunites with…

The Bionic Man, who is back at breaking airport barriers, literally, once again.

He was so ashamed to show his face because he realised that the writing, directing, which lead to poor acting, over-acting most of the time for poor Chae Soo Bin was so embarrassing.

We are all passenger in each other’s life.  We are just passing by, some stay longer, some ready to get off…

The End







Witch’s Love (KDrama Review & Summary)


Witch’s Love (KDrama Review & Summary)

Witch’s Love poster

  • Genre: Romance, Supernatural, mystery
  • Date Released: July 2018
  • KDrama: 12 Episodes


  • Yoon So-Hee as Kang Cho-Hong
  • Hyun Woo as Ma Sung-Tae
  • Lee Hong-Bin as Hwang Jae-Wook
  • Kim Young-Ok as Maeng Ye-Soon
  • Go Soo-Hee as Jo Aeng-Doo

This is quite a cute classic drama of a love triangle between a rich man, a poor girl and equally poor man, who’s got potential.

Anyway, the girl is a witch who lived in an old building with her two grandmothers.

Cho Hong delivers the take-out order from their rice-soup restaurant, which is highly patronised by the rich and the not quite so well off.  There is always a queue when the restaurant is opened for business.

If you are not aware of their situation, you would think that they are raking in the money.  An ambitious bank clerk thought so too and seduced Cho Hong into going out with him.  But he found out that it was, in fact, the opposite,  The witches needed the money to pay rent for their restaurant as a trusted employee stole the deeds to their house/restaurant and sold it own before his death.  The ultimate buyer was Sun Tae, a CEO in a large company.

He has a history with the house, 25 years ago, he was kidnapped and taken to the house, but over the years his memory of the even was no longer clear, although he continuously having nightmares in relation to it.

Cho Hong wanted to know what happened to the money and her grandmothers asked her if she hadn’t noticed that they dine like kings and queens with only the best gourmet food washed down by Dom Perignon.

They never had a need for money before as they thought they ‘owned’ the house/restaurant.

Cho Hong had a traumatic experience when she found out that her boyfriend was sleeping with another woman.  Her distress resulted in her losing her witch power.  Without out her time is limited and she will lose her looks.

She went to another witch who practices black magic.  She was told that she can reverse what happened to her and get her power if she meets a man who loves her truly, her fated man.

Almost at the same instance, she met the CEO who moved in into the house/restaurant as they can’t pay the rent.

She also has gotten to know more of the customer who always orders a larger than normal portion but not too big.  He was a webtoon writer and he told her that he knew her way back from school.  She used to help him out with the bullies and told she was an angel.

Now to get her power back she has to have a kiss with her fated,  She is now officially dating the CEO, who she kissed a number of times.  She later found out that the effect of the kiss from your fated should be instantaneous.

When she finally got her power again she was elated but then became worried because she found out that the Webtoon man gave her a mouth to mouth resuscitation when she collapsed and her heart stopped beating.

Who is her fated?

This is an interesting drama, it is very well acted by a very engaging cast.  The love triangle is cute but I was always rooting for the one she ended with in the end.

It has a very satisfying and traditional ending where love conquers all despite the course of true love never did run smooth.





Mr Sunshine (KDrama Review & Summary)

Mr Sunshine poster


  • Genre: Historical, Adventure, Drama
  • Date Released: July 2018
  • KDrama: 24 Episodes


  • Lee Byung-Hun as Eugene Choi
  • Kim Tae Ri as Go Ae Shin
  • Yoo Yeon-Seok as Goo Dong Mae
  • Kim Min-Jung as Hee-Na
  • Byun Yo-Han as Kim Hee-Sung

This drama has a good pedigree.  The scriptwriter, as well as the director, have worked together before in a couple of masterpieces: Goblin and Descendants of the Sun.

This drama has a very sumptuous feel about it even from episode one.  In fact, this drama is comparable to BBC’s dramas.  The cinematography is fantastic. It is like watching a film; a film like the Titanic 🙂  I supposed, the lead is an A-lister, Lee Byung Hun, popular in Korean films and dramas who had made a mark in a few Hollywood blockbuster movies.

Anyway, the story started in June 1871, during the 8th year of Gojong’s Reign.

An ambitious minister visited another minister’s house.  The ambitious minister (AM) has an eye for the ladies and he fancied the girl serving them their drinks.

The host minister tried to discourage the AM by tempting him with a promise of a virginal girl, he mentioned that the girl who just served them was already married.  But the AM said that he wanted the married servant.

It so happened that the husband of the girl heard what was going on.  So they tried to run away but failed.  Their master did not have an ounce of pity for them.  He ordered that the husband is rolled in a mat and then beaten to his death, while the wife will be taken and be given to the ambitious minister.  At that same time, the six years old son of the couple arrived at the scene.  In front of the child his parents are being beaten, the minister ordered that the boy is beaten to death as well.   The wife jumped next to the pregnant daughter of the minister and quickly took the woman’s lethal-looking hair ornament and pointed it to the woman’s neck.

She told her young son to run, to go.  In desperation, the pregnant woman who was being threatened that her big belly will be stabbed as well if they don’t let the boy go, threw her jade token to the boy and told the boy to go and ordered that no one should run after him.

When the boy was out of sight, his mother let go of the pregnant woman and she jumped into her death in a well.

At that time, Joseon (Korea) had few American ships on its shore.  The American visit quickly resulted in a bloody skirmish killing around 300 Koreans.

Even at a young age, the six years old boy knew that he had no future in Joseon, the way things were.

He managed to stow away in a ship sailing back to America.

His life in America did not improve immediately.  He became a victim of feral young white thugs loitering the street.

When he was about 10, miraculously surviving on his own, he saw soldiers of all colours, marching and looking dignified.  The seed was sown, he wanted to be one.

These are the initiating forces that would affect his return to his old homeland as a high-ranking military of the American arm forces.

Episode 2

It looks like Ae Shin has inherited her mother’s strong woman’s genes.  Ae Shin was not satisfied with just being a well to do submissive wife.  She wanted adventure.  When she told her grandad that she would rather die than be an inconspicuous little mouse, her grandad told her to die.

And she did try by holding a hunger strike which lasted a few days until her grandad had someone take her into the mountains.  She thought she was going to be killed but it turned out her grandad had instructed someone to teach her how to fight, how to fire a gun.

She met Eugene Choi while she was on a mission to assassinate an American, who was working for the Japanese army.

The American was duly assassinated but she was not a lone gunman.  There was another.  It was Eugene Choi.

These episodes now introduce the main characters.

Kim Min Jung looks so lovely in a Japanese kimono ( far from that horrid severe fringe girl from Man to Man drama)


6th APAN Star Awards 2018

  • Grand Prize – Lee Byung Hun
  • Drama of The Year – Mr Sunshine
  • Best Supporting Actress – Kim Min Jung
  • Best Actress – Kim Tae Ri


What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (Kdrama Review)

What’s Wrong With Secreatary Kim? poster


  • Genre: Romance, Office Romance, Comedy, Mystery
  • Date Released: June 2018
  • KDrama: 16 Episodes


  • Park Seo Joon as Lee Young-Joon
  • Park Min-Young as Kim Mi-so
  • Lee Tae-Hwan as Lee Sung-yeon (Brother of Lee Young Joon)
  • Kim Byeong-ok as Chairman Lee (Father)
  • Kim Hye Ok as Madame Choi (Mother)
  • Kang Ki-young as Park Yoo-sik


What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (Kdrama Review)

Episode 1

This is a classic love story of a boss and his secretary.

I have to admit I already love it based from the first episode and I can’t wait for more.

Kim Mi-So, or as she started thinking of herself as Secretary Kim, has been working for Lee Young-joon for nine years.  She lives and breaths Lee Young-joon.

Lee Young Joon is tall and very handsome, very particular with his suits and looks good in it and he is also the vice president of Yoomyoung Group.

But Lee Young Joon is on another level of vanity.  He is narcissistic.  He is so in love with himself that there is no place for any love-interest in his life.

He doesn’t touch any woman and certainly does not allow them to touch him.  He thinks that he is perfection in himself.

He was quite satisfied with his lot; with life and his work.

That is until a bombshell of a news has just blown up.

His most trusted and dependable secretary of nine years, the only one who can come within inches of himself, had handed in her notice to resign.

What is wrong with Secretary Kim?, this he asked himself and his best-friend, Park Yoo-Sik?

Park Yoo Sik, is a young president of his own company and  is Young Joon’s confidant.  Yoo Sik encourages Young Joon of his self-delusion of his perceived utter perfection. (To be fair, Young Joon is actually gorgeous 🙂 ) Between them they agreed that probably Secretary Kim is after a  promotion.

Young Joon was not the only one who was concerned about Secretary Kim’s resignation.  His parents as well were rather anxious.  They both know that their son is very exacting and hard to work with.

They are also rather perturbed that Young Joon is not showing any interest in women.

There was a funny scene when Madame Choi (mother) quizzing Secretary Kim if her son is… is… is …is… is  …. to which Secretary Kim rescued her and replied that Lee Young Joon is not gay.

I love the parents in this story.  They are chill and encouraging these two to get together and give them grandbabies.

Anyway, Secretary Kim went to the bank to settle the last bit of her father’s debts.  She signed the document as Secretary Kim rather than her name Kim Mi So.  This incident only made her more determined to quit her job and get herself a life.

Despite Young Joon promising Secretary Kim a payrise, promotion as a director,  she wouldn’t budge with her decision.  She said she has had no outside life from the office for nine years.  She is now 29 years old and she wanted to get married and have a baby.  She doesn’t want to be alone in later life.

He promised her that he will never fire her from her position, ever!  She was aghast with the suggestion.

So Young Joon is back with Yoo Sik, blue sky thinking, thinking outside the box, and everything else.  🙂 Finally they’ve decided that Secretary Kim is secretly inlove with Young Joon and can’t take the number of women who wanted to be with Young-joon.

As a last resort and in desperation, Young Joon blurted to Secretary Kim one night when he went to see her that he would marry her.

Awwww so cute  I love everything so far in this drama.  Chill parents, clueless bromance, feisty and pretty lead girl and handsome but deluded lead man.  Perfect!

Secretary Kim thought that Young Joon was drunk.  Of course she refused his proposal.

She told him that he was not her type.

Young Joon can’t comprehend her statement that he wasn’t her type.  He is perfection!

He is now playing games with Secretary Kim.  Making the other ‘new hire’ Secretary Kim to attend to him.

Kim Mi So was at first startled but she does really want to leave and look for her long ago ‘crush’!

Episode 3

This episode is super sweet.  If you are romantic at heart, you will have a permanent smile the entire time while watching this episode.

As an extra bonus, there is a shirtless scene by Park Seo Joon showing how buff he is.  Total eye candy.

The bromance with Lee Young Joon and Mr Park is so cute.

We get a little clue why Lee Young Joon was rather dysfunctional.  Mi So may have met him when he was only nine years old and she was five.  He might have been the boy who was kidnapped.  Lee Young Joon is rather phobic of cable ties and when Kim Mi So tried to removed his sock to apply some ice on his sprained ankle, she say a scarring which looked like a result of being bind tightly previously.

Anyway a new character has just been introduced.  He is a famous international author called Morpheus and he might be the brother of Lee Young Joon who does not get on with.

The romance between Kim Mi So and Lee Young Joon is heating up.

Episode 4

From now on I am going to be madly in love … with you.

  • Lee Young Joon to a surprised Kim Mi So

This episode is another sweet one.

Park Min Young is such a beautiful actress, with such a lovely warm smile.  She easily lights up the screen whenever she smiles.

In this episode we get a glimpse of the animosity between Lee Young Joon and elder his brother Lee Seong Yun (Morpheus).  Seong Yun has decided to forgive Young Joon, who was not having it.  Instead they ended up fighting.

Young Joon ended up going to Kim Mi So’s house and there he decided to fall in love with her, deeply.

But it doesn’t look like that it would be smooth sailing as Seong Yun was attracted to Kim Mi So at first sight!

Episode 5

It is started really well all of three minutes and then back steps into their shells again.  Lee Young Joon declaration of last episode that he will be madly in love with her, well he took it back.  He said that he read and memorised it from a book.

So back to square one. It was so cute though but midway, they had a huge misunderstanding in what would be their first date.

Morpheus turned up and was giving Mi So his signed latest book when Young Joon interrupted and snatched the book back from Mi So and gave it back to Morpheus.

This dark feelings ruined their date and Mi So ended up going home early.

She then told Young Joon never to stir her up again.

She had a change of heart though when she found out that Morpheus was the brother Young Joon was having nightmares about.  The person that he doesn’t get on with.  She realised that he was not upset with her but the resentment was directed to Morpheus.

Young Joon then confessed to her that he wanted to stir her up again.  They had a fleeting kiss which catapulted Mi So to the other side of the room.  Strange!

Episode 6

Young Joon bent down to MiSo, who was sitting on a swivelling chair, for a kiss.  But before he could deepen the kiss, he suddenly remembered something disconcerting from his past, it was so disturbing that he inadvertently pushed MiSo, who went careering across the room on a swivelling chair.

So this romantic scene ended in hurt and embarrassment on both side and further misunderstanding.

But they were really beginning to be into each other so before too long they were again spending time with each other.

MiSo has also been digging into a kidnapping case that occurred when she was five years old.  She remembered being locked in a room with a boy slightly older than her and he really looked after her.

What happened was still a mystery to be revealed.  She thought the boy may have been Young Joon but he confirmed that it was his brother that got kidnapped.

She is now utterly confused as she had been looking for that kind boy, her first love.

There is mystery in this drama, not just a straight-forward romance.

Episode 7-8

I have to say that the side characters in this drama are well rounded with their own cute stories.

I particularly like the growing crush Miss Bong  has on Mr Yang.  She used to growl at him all the time but during an away day/team building weekend, where Miss Bong wore silicon breast padding that ended up flying out of her chest and into the ground, Mr Yang very chivalrously threw his jacket over it to avoid further embarrassment for Miss Bong.  Suddenly she saw him under a new light.

As to Young Joon and Kim Mi So, they had a long heart to heart talk during the team building break.

Young Joon cut to the chase saying that they both had been flirting with one another and would like it to make it official that they are dating.

The only problem was that every time they try to kiss, he gets a horrific memory of the past.

Episode 9

They finally had their first kiss.  Young Joon can’t kiss MiSo but she took the initiative and the rest is history.

Young Joon clarified their situation, that they are officially dating. So cute.

Their initial interaction was awkward at first especially at work.  When Young Joon started being more proactive with the admin duties such as photocopying his own documents and making his own tea, MiSo was not best pleased.

They had a heart to heart where Young Joon said that he knew that he was a bad boss but he doesn’t want to be a bad boyfriend, to which MiSo said that in the office, she wanted to be his secretary rather than his girlfriend.

I love this drama.  The characters have well rounded role.  I particularly like the new PA who just moved house near to where the company accountant was living.

The accountant was unbelievably frugal that it was so hilarious especially when he said to the PA that if she orders a take out. she should give half of it to him to avoid food wastage.

The PA was so touched when he gave her a handful of his cherry tomatoes he was growing lovingly in his roof garden.

As a token of her thanks she packed half of her take-out and handed it to him.

He said that perhaps when she next order, she should order crispy chicken, etc.  She was so annoyed how ungrateful he was being.  🙂

Anyway the end of this episode hint that Young Joon might be the boy MiSo knew when she was young afterall.

Episode 10

This episode is hilarious and heartwarming.

There were a couple of surprise guests.  Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min had a cameo appearance as parents to Kim Mi So.  That was a refreshing treat.  Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min almost reprised their role in Because This is My First Life, complete with the their drama OST.

Mi So fainted at a conference but she intoned first that she finally remembers what happened all those years ago.

Episode 11

What happened during the kidnapping was much too much for a child of 8 years old to bear and yet despite his young age he still chose to protect a 5-year old girl. These children were Young Joon and Kim Mi So.

The kidnapper was a woman who wore red lipstick and red high heels.  The woman suffered from mental breakdown as her partner had her abort their child and left her.

She knew that she was  in a lot of trouble kidnapping kids, especially someone from a rich family.  She hanged herself in front of the watching Young Joon.

Poor Lee Sung Yeon, his brother though! So sad.


Are You Human Too? (KDrama Review)

Are You Human Too? poster

  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Family, Robotics, Melodrama, Romance, AI
  • Date Released: 4 June 2018
  • KDrama: 18 episodes


  • Seo Kang-joon as Nam Shin / Nam Shin III
  • Gong Seung-yeon as Kang So-bong
  • Lee Joon-hyuk as Ji Young-hoon
  • Park Hwan-hee as Seo Ye-na
  • Kim Sung-ryung as Oh Ro-ra
  • Yu Oh-seong as Seo Jong-gil

This drama reminds me of a couple of American dramas: Haley Joel Osment’ AI and Halley Berry’s Extant.

It is about a robot used as a substitute for a child, who is yet to be born or who is  incapacitated.

Seo Kang-Joon plays both Nam Shin and Nam Shin III.

Nam Shin was a chaebol, a third generation heir to a conglomerate, who unfortunately became ill.  Rather auspicious for the family, the mother is  brilliant and who happens to be leading a research top scientists on artificial intelligence.  Before anyone could spell Bicentennial Man, Oh Ro-ra (the mother) had an android built to replace her comatose son.  And he was called Nam Shin III

This move was to ensure that her son’s position as the heir is not jeopardize.

Well that is the synopsis that I can gather.  I have  yet to see the first episode as it is not subbed in English yet!

Watch this space.

Are You Human Too? (KDrama Review)

Episode 1-2

I am really loving this drama!

It is about a very rich man, who can’t accept that his son married a fairly ordinary woman (well not rich anyway).

To initiate reconciliation, the son went to visit his rich father, leaving his young son with his wife, who is a brilliant scientist researching robotics.

The next time his wife heard anything about him was when the father-in-law’s thuggish minions came and forcibly took her seven year old son, Nam Sin.  When she asked why the father-in-law wanted her son when he did not bother with them before, she was given a death certificate and was told that her husband took his own life and was already cremated.

She was devastated and absolutely heartbroken.

She went to beg her father-in-law to return her son to her but when she got to see her son, he told her that he liked where he was and would much prefer to stay with his grandpa.  The boy secretly made a deal with his authoritarian grandfather that he will stay with him, provided that his grandpa will not harm his mother.

She couldn’t take this turn of events and yet knew that she won’t be able to do anything against the powerful father-in-law.

A year later, she was now living in the Czech Republic and she had created an android who was a replica of her seven year old son.  She called the young robot, Nam Sin 1.

She taught him the number 1 rule “Hug those who are crying”

A few years more had passed. Nam Sin 2 was born, who is a replica of her now 16 years old son.

In 2015, she again updated Nam Sin 2 to a 3-Generation.

Nam Sin 3 is strong and more agile as well as having acquired human characteristics.  He is protective of his mother.

The human Nam Sin is all grown up.  He was spoiled and absolutely hated his grandfather’s guts.

He made a scandalous commotion in order to distract his many bodyguards to be able to get away for a while.  He had been secretly looking for his mother and found that she is now living in the Czech Republic.

Unfortunately someone was tailing him all the way to the Czech Republic.  One of his grandfather’s minions, who had a lofty idea of becoming the next CEO of the company ordered that Nam Sin should be disposed off.

Coincidentally Nam Sin III and his ‘Mother’ with uncle David (another scientist) went to visit the market.

Nam Sin III was absolutely entranced with the vibrancy of the place.  He was just about to go back to the car, to his waiting mother when he noticed a man, across the road, looking exactly like him.

He was so curious that he started crossing the road to go to this man.  Of course the man he saw was Nam Sin, who was curious as well and started to meet Nam Sin III but a van plowed into Nam Sin.  He was left bleeding in the middle of the road much to the shock and horror of Nam Sin III

This ‘accident’ was also witnessed by mother, who was shocked and worried to find her long ‘lost’ son all bloodied and crumpled on the road.

David, the scientist friend, took Nam Sin III away from the scene immediately to avoid attention.




Miss Hammurabi (KDrama Review & Summary)

Miss Hammurabi poster

Miss Hammurabi (Miseu Hammurabi) is based on a novel by Moon Yoo-Seok, who is the scriptwriter for this drama.

  • Genre: Legal, Romance
  • Date Released: 21 May 2018 – 10 July 2018
  • KDrama: 16 Episodes


  • Go Ara as Park cha Oh-reum
  • Kim Myung-soo (L) as Im Ba-reun
  • Sung Dong-il as Han Se-sang
  • Ryu Deok-hwan as Jung Bo-wang
  • Lee Elijah as Lee Do-yeon (super efficient office Manager)
  • Lee Tae-sung as Min Yong-joon

Parkcha Oh-Reum is in her mid-20s, a rookie judge, who is passionate and idealistic.

She is also a rabid feminist.

I supposed the title Miss Hammurabi pertains to Park Cha Oh-reum particular brand of justice for all.

Hammurabi was a Babylonian king, who in his lifetime, created a set of codes that the people in his growing empire must abide to.

Miss Hammurabi (KDrama Review & Summary)


I love it and I hate some parts of it.

I love all the scenes with L,  he is stunning to look at :); he carries a suit pretty well.  His acting is also good.  There is poignancy in his looks as he comes to terms how the world we lived in is not perfect and to live with it and try not to contribute to its further corruption.

I heard this drama was pre-produced; it means all the episodes have been made.  It is, therefore, too late to make adjustments here and there.

Anyway, Im Ba Reum is a super-intelligent guy who has a slight anti-social tendencies.  He doesn’t pander to anyone, thus he comes across as rather arrogant.

He’s from a poor background; his father got dismissed from his job without much notice, hence the father turned to drink and the little money they had, we would lend to friends when he was drunk.

His mother supports the family by selling insurance and everything else.  But her income was not enough to keep the creditors at bay, including their landlady who told them to pay their rent and gave notice that there will also be an increase.

I personally thought that as a judge, even when he is only a young one, will bring in a lot of income.  Apparently not.  The real money is in being a lawyer.

Anyway, Im Ba Reum would have had the high income if he wanted to but at his young age, he is still very idealistic.  He abhors corruptions and doesn’t want to be part of it.

When he was in high school, though he was handsome and mega-intelligent, he was not a popular kid.  He did not go for every girl that came his way.

But there was a girl in his book club that he liked.  That girl was Park Cha Oh-Reum.  She was into piano playing.  He liked her but he was from a poor background while she was chauffeur driven to school.

Twelve years on…

They met again as colleagues, both on their first day.

Im Ba Reum was a transferee from another district court.

Park Cha Oh Reum was a newbie judge.  But apparently even more brilliant than Im Ba Reum.  She home-schooled herself and then took the bar and topped it in her region.

I quite like the girl, Park Cha oh-reum, to start with but she start grating on my nerves after a while.  Her ultra feminism is rather off-putting (I am saying this as a woman my self).  She is all for strong women and yet over emotional the next.  You cannot have it both ways, not on both extremes anyway.  The middle ground is always the best, strong, compassionate and yet logical.

I hope her character improves in the next episodes and tone down her so ‘in your face’ brand of hysterical feminism.

This drama is getting more interesting with different cases being judged.

Some scenes are rather uncomfortably maudlin.  There was that case of a young man, who was mentally incapable, who was accidentally singed in the face with a metal grill in a restaurant.  The singe did not leave a mark physically but it left him emotionally disturbed.

The owner of the restaurant was ex-marine and he ended up crying in court, the judges ended up crying in court, the security guards ended up crying, the people watching the proceeding inside the court ended up crying as well.  The entire courtroom was flooded with tears.

I felt like crying myself because what I was watching was too stupidly sentimental. It’s naff.  It’s so out of character. This drama, if not careful, will die by its own hand from over sentimentality.

There was also that case of another judge who was a female.  (The judges work in groups of three, comprising of a right judge who sits on the right, the chief judge who sits in the middle and the left judge who sits on the left)

Anyway the chief judge in this group was very ambitious, though he was not one of those brilliant judges who topped the bar or passed it the first time.  He is one who work diligently.  His ascent to the chief judge position was mainly due to his kiss-assing and riding on the back of his junior judges.

He work them like a horse.  He delegated much of his work to them and get abusive when he doesn’t get what he wanted.

Anyway his left judge, a female, was so frightened to reveal to him that she was on her stage of pregnancy.  She was working too hard but getting her work done below par and she was abused for it.  She was contemplating jumping off the building one day but Park Cha On Reum just happened to materialise.  Due to the woman’s level of stress, she miscarried her baby and was obviously desolate.

Park Cha On Reum made it her mission to gather signatures to expel the woman’s chief judge.

Here is what I find ridiculous, Park cha On reum gets involved with everything, every unpolitically correct instances.  If there is an issue, she was there sniffing.  She was friendly towards everybody, including the cleaners.  She was often seen having coffees with them.

How can she have the time?  The female judge is almost killing herself with overwork. Even Im Im Ba-Reum was work too hard. While Park Cha On Reum has too much time involving herself with every issue that’s going?!!!

And I find her annoying!

Thank goodness for Im Ba-Reum!