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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (Kdrama Review)

What’s Wrong With Secreatary Kim? poster

  • Genre: Romance, Office Romance, Comedy
  • Date Released: June 2018
  • KDrama: 16 Episodes


  • Park Seo Joon as Lee Young-Joon
  • Park Min-Young as Kim Mi-so
  • Lee Tae-Hwan as Lee Sung-yeon (Brother of Lee Young Joon)
  • Kim Byeong-ok as Chairman Lee (Father)
  • Kim Hye Ok as Madame Choi (Mother)
  • Kang Ki-young as Park Yoo-sik


What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (Kdrama Review)

Episode 1

This is a classic love story of a boss and his secretary.

I have to admit I already love it based from the first episode and I can’t wait for more.

Kim Mi-So, or as she started thinking of herself as Secretary Kim, has been working for Lee Young-joon for nine years.  She lives and breaths Lee Young-joon.

Lee Young Joon is tall and very handsome, very particular with his suits and looks good in it and he is also the vice president of Yoomyoung Group.

But Lee Young Joon is on another level of vanity.  He is narcissistic.  He is so in love with himself that there is no place for any love-interest in his life.

He doesn’t touch any woman and certainly does not allow them to touch him.  He thinks that he is perfection in himself.

He was quite satisfied with his lot; with life and his work.

That is until a bombshell of a news has just blown up.

His most trusted and dependable secretary of nine years, the only one who can come within inches of himself, had handed in her notice to resign.

What is wrong with Secretary Kim?, this he asked himself and his best-friend, Park Yoo-Sik?

Park Yoo Sik, is a young president of his own company and  is Young Joon’s confidant.  Yoo Sik encourages Young Joon of his self-delusion of his perceived utter perfection. (To be fair, Young Joon is actually gorgeous 🙂 ) Between them they agreed that probably Secretary Kim is after a  promotion.

Young Joon was not the only one who was concerned about Secretary Kim’s resignation.  His parents as well were rather anxious.  They both know that their son is very exacting and hard to work with.

They are also rather perturbed that Young Joon is not showing any interest in women.

There was a funny scene when Madame Choi (mother) quizzing Secretary Kim if her son is… is… is …is… is  …. to which Secretary Kim rescued her and replied that Lee Young Joon is not gay.

I love the parents in this story.  They are chill and encouraging these two to get together and give them grandbabies.

Anyway, Secretary Kim went to the bank to settle the last bit of her father’s debts.  She signed the document as Secretary Kim rather than her name Kim Mi So.  This incident only made her more determined to quit her job and get herself a life.

Despite Young Joon promising Secretary Kim a payrise, promotion as a director,  she wouldn’t budge with her decision.  She said she has had no outside life from the office for nine years.  She is now 29 years old and she wanted to get married and have a baby.  She doesn’t want to be alone in later life.

He promised her that he will never fire her from her position, ever!  She was aghast with the suggestion.

So Young Joon is back with Yoo Sik, blue sky thinking, thinking outside the box, and everything else.  🙂 Finally they’ve decided that Secretary Kim is secretly inlove with Young Joon and can’t take the number of women who wanted to be with Young-joon.

As a last resort and in desperation, Young Joon blurted to Secretary Kim one night when he went to see her that he would marry her.

Awwww so cute  I love everything so far in this drama.  Chill parents, clueless bromance, feisty and pretty lead girl and handsome but deluded lead man.  Perfect!

Secretary Kim thought that Young Joon was drunk.  Of course she refused his proposal.

She told him that he was not her type.

Young Joon can’t comprehend her statement that he wasn’t her type.  He is perfection!

He is now playing games with Secretary Kim.  Making the other ‘new hire’ Secretary Kim to attend to him.

Kim Mi So was at first startled but she does really want to leave and look for her long ago ‘crush’!

Episode 3

This episode is super sweet.  If you are romantic at heart, you will have a permanent smile the entire time while watching this episode.

As an extra bonus, there is a shirtless scene by Park Seo Joon showing how buff he is.  Total eye candy.

The bromance with Lee Young Joon and Mr Park is so cute.

We get a little clue why Lee Young Joon was rather dysfunctional.  Mi So may have met him when he was only nine years old and she was five.  He might have been the boy who was kidnapped.  Lee Young Joon is rather phobic of cable ties and when Kim Mi So tried to removed his sock to apply some ice on his sprained ankle, she say a scarring which looked like a result of being bind tightly previously.

Anyway a new character has just been introduced.  He is a famous international author called Morpheus and he might be the brother of Lee Young Joon who does not get on with.

The romance between Kim Mi So and Lee Young Joon is heating up.

Episode 4

From now on I am going to be madly in love … with you.

  • Lee Young Joon to a surprised Kim Mi So

This episode is another sweet one.

Park Min Young is such a beautiful actress, with such a lovely warm smile.  She easily lights up the screen whenever she smiles.

In this episode we get a glimpse of the animosity between Lee Young Joon and elder his brother Lee Seong Yun (Morpheus).  Seong Yun has decided to forgive Young Joon, who was not having it.  Instead they ended up fighting.

Young Joon ended up going to Kim Mi So’s house and there he decided to fall in love with her, deeply.

But it doesn’t look like that it would be smooth sailing as Seong Yun was attracted to Kim Mi So at first sight!

Episode 5

It is started really well all of three minutes and then back steps into their shells again.  Lee Young Joon declaration of last episode that he will be madly in love with her, well he took it back.  He said that he read and memorised it from a book.

So back to square one. It was so cute though but midway, they had a huge misunderstanding in what would be their first date.

Morpheus turned up and was giving Mi So his signed latest book when Young Joon interrupted and snatched the book back from Mi So and gave it back to Morpheus.

This dark feelings ruined their date and Mi So ended up going home early.

She then told Young Joon never to stir her up again.

She had a change of heart though when she found out that Morpheus was the brother Young Joon was having nightmares about.  The person that he doesn’t get on with.  She realised that he was not upset with her but the resentment was directed to Morpheus.

Young Joon then confessed to her that he wanted to stir her up again.  They had a fleeting kiss which catapulted Mi So to the other side of the room.  Strange!

Are You Human Too? (KDrama Review)

Are You Human Too? poster

  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Family, Robotics, Melodrama, Romance, AI
  • Date Released: 4 June 2018
  • KDrama: 18 episodes


  • Seo Kang-joon as Nam Shin / Nam Shin III
  • Gong Seung-yeon as Kang So-bong
  • Lee Joon-hyuk as Ji Young-hoon
  • Park Hwan-hee as Seo Ye-na
  • Kim Sung-ryung as Oh Ro-ra
  • Yu Oh-seong as Seo Jong-gil

This drama reminds me of a couple of American dramas: Haley Joel Osment’ AI and Halley Berry’s Extant.

It is about a robot used as a substitute for a child, who is yet to be born or who is  incapacitated.

Seo Kang-Joon plays both Nam Shin and Nam Shin III.

Nam Shin was a chaebol, a third generation heir to a conglomerate, who unfortunately became ill.  Rather auspicious for the family, the mother is  brilliant and who happens to be leading a research top scientists on artificial intelligence.  Before anyone could spell Bicentennial Man, Oh Ro-ra (the mother) had an android built to replace her comatose son.  And he was called Nam Shin III

This move was to ensure that her son’s position as the heir is not jeopardize.

Well that is the synopsis that I can gather.  I have  yet to see the first episode as it is not subbed in English yet!

Watch this space.

Are You Human Too? (KDrama Review)

Episode 1-2

I am really loving this drama!

It is about a very rich man, who can’t accept that his son married a fairly ordinary woman (well not rich anyway).

To initiate reconciliation, the son went to visit his rich father, leaving his young son with his wife, who is a brilliant scientist researching robotics.

The next time his wife heard anything about him was when the father-in-law’s thuggish minions came and forcibly took her seven year old son, Nam Sin.  When she asked why the father-in-law wanted her son when he did not bother with them before, she was given a death certificate and was told that her husband took his own life and was already cremated.

She was devastated and absolutely heartbroken.

She went to beg her father-in-law to return her son to her but when she got to see her son, he told her that he liked where he was and would much prefer to stay with his grandpa.  The boy secretly made a deal with his authoritarian grandfather that he will stay with him, provided that his grandpa will not harm his mother.

She couldn’t take this turn of events and yet knew that she won’t be able to do anything against the powerful father-in-law.

A year later, she was now living in the Czech Republic and she had created an android who was a replica of her seven year old son.  She called the young robot, Nam Sin 1.

She taught him the number 1 rule “Hug those who are crying”

A few years more had passed. Nam Sin 2 was born, who is a replica of her now 16 years old son.

In 2015, she again updated Nam Sin 2 to a 3-Generation.

Nam Sin 3 is strong and more agile as well as having acquired human characteristics.  He is protective of his mother.

The human Nam Sin is all grown up.  He was spoiled and absolutely hated his grandfather’s guts.

He made a scandalous commotion in order to distract his many bodyguards to be able to get away for a while.  He had been secretly looking for his mother and found that she is now living in the Czech Republic.

Unfortunately someone was tailing him all the way to the Czech Republic.  One of his grandfather’s minions, who had a lofty idea of becoming the next CEO of the company ordered that Nam Sin should be disposed off.

Coincidentally Nam Sin III and his ‘Mother’ with uncle David (another scientist) went to visit the market.

Nam Sin III was absolutely entranced with the vibrancy of the place.  He was just about to go back to the car, to his waiting mother when he noticed a man, across the road, looking exactly like him.

He was so curious that he started crossing the road to go to this man.  Of course the man he saw was Nam Sin, who was curious as well and started to meet Nam Sin III but a van plowed into Nam Sin.  He was left bleeding in the middle of the road much to the shock and horror of Nam Sin III

This ‘accident’ was also witnessed by mother, who was shocked and worried to find her long ‘lost’ son all bloodied and crumpled on the road.

David, the scientist friend, took Nam Sin III away from the scene immediately to avoid attention.




Miss Hammurabi (KDrama) Review & Summary

Miss Hammurabi poster

Miss Hammurabi (Miseu Hammurabi) is based on a novel by Moon Yoo-Seok, who is the scriptwriter for this drama.

  • Genre: Legal, Romance
  • Date Released: 21 May 2018 – 10 July 2018
  • KDrama: 16 Episodes


  • Go Ara as Park cha Oh-reum
  • Kim Myung-soo (L) as Im Ba-reun
  • Sung Dong-il as Han Se-sang
  • Ryu Deok-hwan as Jung Bo-wang
  • Lee Elijah as Lee Do-yeon (super efficient office Manager)
  • Lee Tae-sung as Min Yong-joon

Parkcha Oh-Reum is in her mid-20s, a rookie judge, who is passionate and idealistic.

She is also a rabid feminist.

I supposed the title Miss Hammurabi pertains to Park Cha Oh-reum particular brand of justice for all.

Hammurabi was a Babylonian king, who in his lifetime, created a set of codes that the people in his growing empire must abide to.

Miss Hammurabi (KDrama) Review & Summary


I love it and I hate some parts of it.

I love all the scenes with L,  he is stunning to look at :); he carries a suit pretty well.  His acting is also good.  There is poignancy in his looks as he comes to terms how the world we lived in is not perfect and to live with it and try not to contribute to its further corruption.

I heard this drama was pre-produced; it means all the episodes have been made.  It is, therefore, too late to make adjustments here and there.

Anyway, Im Ba Reum is a super-intelligent guy who has a slight anti-social tendencies.  He doesn’t pander to anyone, thus he comes across as rather arrogant.

He’s from a poor background; his father got dismissed from his job without much notice, hence the father turned to drink and the little money they had, we would lend to friends when he was drunk.

His mother supports the family by selling insurance and everything else.  But her income was not enough to keep the creditors at bay, including their landlady who told them to pay their rent and gave notice that there will also be an increase.

I personally thought that as a judge, even when he is only a young one, will bring in a lot of income.  Apparently not.  The real money is in being a lawyer.

Anyway, Im Ba Reum would have had the high income if he wanted to but at his young age, he is still very idealistic.  He abhors corruptions and doesn’t want to be part of it.

When he was in high school, though he was handsome and mega-intelligent, he was not a popular kid.  He did not go for every girl that came his way.

But there was a girl in his book club that he liked.  That girl was Park Cha Oh-Reum.  She was into piano playing.  He liked her but he was from a poor background while she was chauffeur driven to school.

Twelve years on…

They met again as colleagues, both on their first day.

Im Ba Reum was a transferee from another district court.

Park Cha Oh Reum was a newbie judge.  But apparently even more brilliant than Im Ba Reum.  She home-schooled herself and then took the bar and topped it in her region.

I quite like the girl, Park Cha oh-reum, to start with but she start grating on my nerves after a while.  Her ultra feminism is rather off-putting (I am saying this as a woman my self).  She is all for strong women and yet over emotional the next.  You cannot have it both ways, not on both extremes anyway.  The middle ground is always the best, strong, compassionate and yet logical.

I hope her character improves in the next episodes and tone down her so ‘in your face’ brand of hysterical feminism.

This drama is getting more interesting with different cases being judged.

Some scenes are rather uncomfortably maudlin.  There was that case of a young man, who was mentally incapable, who was accidentally singed in the face with a metal grill in a restaurant.  The singe did not leave a mark physically but it left him emotionally disturbed.

The owner of the restaurant was ex-marine and he ended up crying in court, the judges ended up crying in court, the security guards ended up crying, the people watching the proceeding inside the court ended up crying as well.  The entire courtroom was flooded with tears.

I felt like crying myself because what I was watching was too stupidly sentimental. It’s naff.  It’s so out of character. This drama, if not careful, will die by its own hand from over sentimentality.

There was also that case of another judge who was a female.  (The judges work in groups of three, comprising of a right judge who sits on the right, the chief judge who sits in the middle and the left judge who sits on the left)

Anyway the chief judge in this group was very ambitious, though he was not one of those brilliant judges who topped the bar or passed it the first time.  He is one who work diligently.  His ascent to the chief judge position was mainly due to his kiss-assing and riding on the back of his junior judges.

He work them like a horse.  He delegated much of his work to them and get abusive when he doesn’t get what he wanted.

Anyway his left judge, a female, was so frightened to reveal to him that she was on her stage of pregnancy.  She was working too hard but getting her work done below par and she was abused for it.  She was contemplating jumping off the building one day but Park Cha On Reum just happened to materialise.  Due to the woman’s level of stress, she miscarried her baby and was obviously desolate.

Park Cha On Reum made it her mission to gather signatures to expel the woman’s chief judge.

Here is what I find ridiculous, Park cha On reum gets involved with everything, every unpolitically correct instances.  If there is an issue, she was there sniffing.  She was friendly towards everybody, including the cleaners.  She was often seen having coffees with them.

How can she have the time?  The female judge is almost killing herself with overwork. Even Im Im Ba-Reum was work too hard. While Park Cha On Reum has too much time involving herself with every issue that’s going?!!!

And I find her annoying!

Thank goodness for Im Ba-Reum!

Handsome Guy and Jung Eum (KDrama) Review & Summary

The Undatable poster

  • Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Noona
  • Date Released: May 2018
  • KDrama: 32  Episode



  • Hwang Jung Eum as Yoo Jung Eum
  • Nam Goong Min as Kang Hoon Nam
  • Oh Yoon Ah as Coach Yang
  • Jo Dal Hwan as Charlie
  • Jung Moon Sung as Yook Ryong
  • Choi Tae Joon as Choi Joon Soo
  • Nam Kyung Eup as Kang Jung Do
  • Shim Hye Jin as Go Eun Nim
  • Lee Moon Shik as Yoo Seung Ryul
  • Lee Joo Yeon as Soo Ji

Quick Synopsis:

It is a story about a man who is a bit of a love guru but is not interested in a relationship for himself. Added to his is a woman, who had a bitter split with an ex-boyfriend, thus giving up on relationship herself but now works as a love match counselor.

Handsome Guy and Jung Eum (KDrama) Review & Summary

Episode 1-2

I am so glad Hwang Jung Eum is back in the small screen.  I’ve missed this girl.

These two first episodes were fun but not good enough for a riveting watch.  It is too zany and noisy and the dialogues were a quick fire, I can’t keep up with reading the subtitles, especially watching it at almost midnight here in the UK.

Any from what I can gather, Jung Eum was a former sports woman, who does diving.  During a competition, she received a break-up text from her boyfriend.  With wet hair and still in her swimsuit, covered by a trenchcoat, she went to the airport pleading with her boyfriend not to leave.

Her boyfriend had made up his mind and can’t be persuaded.  The scene ended up in chaos.

This was part witnessed by Kang Hoon Nam, who just shook his head rather knowingly that the girl was doing it all wrongly to entice boyfriend to stay.

Five years later.

Jung Eum stopped diving and had developed a phobia with water as in pools, sea and rivers.  Instead she now works as a counselor in a matchmaking agency.

She was tasked to sign in a rich woman, whose father was preferred to give a million to the agency if the daughter is married of.

The woman was about to sign the contract when someone else produced a contract.  The other party was Hoon Nam.

Jung Eum was asked to wait outside.  But she saw her would be client signing the Hoon Nam contract.

She followed Hoon Nam when he left and was really annoyed with him.

As soon as she got to the office, she was told off by her manager for just leaving their client.  She was told that the client would signed the contract.

Jung Eum learned that the contract the client signed with Hoon Nam has to do with exhibiting her many Hair Hair dolls in Hoon Nam Toys Studio.

Jung Eum was so down in the dumps but her childhood friend, Joon Soo was there to cheer her up.

Jung Eum and Hoon Nam seemed to bump with each all the time, including when her diving coach which she signed on to their agency got cheated on with her man she met.  Coach Yang jumped off the bridge and Jung Eum pushed Hoon Nam to the water to rescue the coach.  In the end the coach rescued Hoon Nam and Jung Eum had to give him a mouth to mouth resuscitation.

They both stared at one another …… for the next episode. 🙂

Episode 3-4

Jung Eum was tasked to concentrate in finding better-halves for the undatables.  This proved to be near impossible.

She needed help. Her best friend Joon Soo, showed her a magazine where there is a column from a love guru.

And the love guru happened to be Hoon Nam.  The same Hoon Nam, she promised never to meet again.



About Time (KDrama) Review & Summary

About Time poster


  • Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural
  • Date Released: May 2018
  • KDrama: 16 Episodes
  • OST


  • Lee Sang-yoon as Lee Do-ha
  • Lee Sung-kyung as Choi Michaela
  • Kim Dong-jun as Jo Jae-yoo (Musical Director)
  • Im Se-mi as Bae Soo-bong (‘Fiancee’)
  • Han Seung-yeon as Jeon Sung-hee (MiKa’s Best Friend)
  • Rowoon as Choi Wee-jin (MiKa’s Brother)
  • Kim Hae-sook as Oh So-nyeo (MiKa’s Mother figure friend who can see her digital clock tattoo)
  • Na Young-hee as Jin Ra-hee (MiKa’s Mother)
  • Jung Dong-hwan as Lee Seon-moon (Do Ha’s Father)
  • Kim Sa-hee as Kim Hye-young
  • Jung Moon Sung as Yoon Do San (Do Ha’s illegitimate middle brother)

Apparently this story centres around Michaela Choi, a musical actress, who possesses a supernatural ability to see how long a person can live.


About Time (KDrama) Review & Summary

Episode 1 & 2

First few minutes of the first episode showed Micahaela or MiKa being involved in a motorway pile up.  She walked through the chaos and we see people she passed by showing a digital time invisibly tattooed on their arms (only MiKa can see these and of course us the viewers LOL)

There was a couple where they seemed to be okey one minute and the next we can see the husband on the point of death as his digital tattoo says he has 00:00:004:50.  MiKa just stood watching as the clock moved to 00:00:00:00 and the man dies.

We then find out that her time clock showed that she only have 165 days left.

She was just leaving an older woman friend in the hospital when she was knocked down by a car.

The car happened to be driven by Lee Do Ha, a chaebol, who suffers from anxiety attacks.

MiKa is a musical actress,  She was on her way to her audition when this minor car accident occurred.  Do Ha insisted on taking her to the emergency ward for treatment.  Fearing that she would be late, she asked Do Ha to give her a lift but ended up driving the car herself, and she was a very accomplished driver as well, worthy of Formula 1.

During the audition, she was impressive.  She had the voice, the skill, the look, but she was deemed lacking in depths when it comes to emotion about  being in love.

She was asked to choose someone from the audience to seduce.  She spied Do Ha, who was looking for her as she mistakenly took his car keys.  She kissed him but he was so annoyed.

The next time they saw once another was in China.  Do Ha had been challenged to do extreme sport like scuba diving.  Do Ha was a bit nervous about the whole thing as panic attack and extreme sport do not really go together.

It so happened that MiKa was in between jobs and part-timing as a scuba diver trainer.

During the diving, it all went well initially until they had to come up to the surface.  Everyone was accounted for except for Do Ha, who was in the middle of an anxiety attack in  the bottom of the sea.  MiKa jumped into the water  to save him.

The next scene was seeing him again and she noticed that her digital tattoo clock had stopped.  She then found out that everytime she sees him or be near him, her clock stops.

She had, therefore, made her mission to stalk him, get a job that would entail being near him and in the end she offered herself on a plate to him.

Do Ha actually has an unofficial girlfriend/fiancee but he was now beginning to waver towards Mika.

Episode 3-4

Awww Do Ha was reluctantly attracted to Mi Ka.   He took stock of MiKa’s begging him to be near him so he hired her to be his personal driver.

As much as he was becoming more and more into MiKa, she was nonchalant about him.

However Do Ha got it into his head that if he is with MiKa all the time, he will lose interest with her after three months as per his records with the things that he becomes obsessed with.

Mika found out that her digital tattooed clock does not only cease to tick when she’s near Do Ha, when she touch him, she actually gain time.

The end of the episode has the ‘fiancee’ treating MiKa like that hired help that she was, which annoyed Do Ha.  He was also upset with MiKa for having no pride and allowing the ‘fiancee’ to ‘belittle’ her.

He then confessed to MiKa that he likes her, he said he will kiss her, hug her and sleep with her until he gets tired of her and if she knows what is good for her, she should run away now.

Episode 5-7

MiKa said that she was ok with the kissing, the hugging and sleeping together but when it really came down to it, she went shy.

There was an incident when a mentally disturbed man burst in into Do Ha’s session with his friend psychiatrist.  The man was armed with a knife, which he was brandishing to MiKa and ended up stabbing DoHa instead who heroically stood in front of Mika.

When Do Ha quizzed her about her presence in the clinic as well, she confessed about her digital clock tattoo.  She then tried to prove to him the authenticity of her ‘power’.

Do Ha said he believed her and convinced her to move in with him, which she did with such alacrity.  Actually she lives with Do Ha and his older brother, who was a travel writer.

MiKa did not always know or see her own digital tattoo.  She first saw it when she was out and about with her bestfriend.  She then bump into someone (it was Do Ha) and then she noticed her clock which at first showed that she had a year to live.

Anyway at first Mika and Do Ha were finding living together giddily exciting at first.  But their happiness did not last long as there was the matter about the ‘fiancee’ whom Mika feels rather guilty about.  Then came Do Ha’s first love on the scene.

She was a Broadway star, who will be the lead of the show, where MiKa will be her understudy.

This is not all, she also had an encounter with the half naked Do San.  She saw that he only had 29 days to live.

It was traumatic when she had to tell Do Ha what she found out about the brother.

I love this drama.  There is a lot of chemistry between the leads.

Episode 8

This episode is a rather gentle tragedy which will make you cry so much.  Do San spent the last days of his life trying to build bridges with his family, who treated him as an outsider till the end, except for Do Ha.

As he lies dying in bed beside Do Ha, Do San told him to not hate the family.

This episode also sees MiKa finally finding out that Do San has almost 61 years to live yet.  As she was near him, she noticed that she is getting a lifeline from him.  His time is decreasing while hers is increasing.

Episode 9

MiKa felt so guilty from taking away time from Do Ha’s life span that she broke up with him.  She decided to go back home only to find out that her immature mother found her savings account book.  MiKa had been working diligently to save money for her mother and brother in view of her impending death.

The mother, not knowing of Mika’s secret death date, went on a spending spree.  Buying expensive handbag and food including delicious macaroons. (Actually I would too would buy bags LOL)

Obviously, MiKa was upset and frustrated.

Partners For Justice (KDrama) Review & Summary

Investigation Couple poster

AKA as Investigation Couple

Genre: Forensic, Law. Legal

Date Released: May 2018

KDrama: 32 episodes


  • Jung Jae-Young as Baek Beom
  • Jung Yoo Mi as Eun Sol
  • Lee Yi Khung as Cha Soo Ho
  • Park Eun Seok as Kang Hyun
  • Staphanie Lee as Stellar Hwang

Baek Beom and and Eun Sol have to pull their resources together to solve heinous crimes.

The couple are polar opposites.  Baek Beom is taciturn and self-contained and had a 10 years experience in forensic work at the National Forensic Service.

Eun Sol, on the other hand is a little princess, from moneyed background.  She is cheerful but still a newbie prosecutor.  She is quite bright though, so bright that she could have become a judge rather than a prosecutor.

Partners For Justice (KDrama) Review & Summary

Episode 1 & 2

So far so good.  The first five minutes hook you in immediately.

The first time Baek Beom and Eun Sol met was over a body of a woman beaten to death, which was believed to be by her husband.

Eun Sol showed her ignorance of forensic protocols by moving the body without using protective gloves and disposable overshoes.  She was harshly told off by Baek Beom, the medical examiner.  Telling her that she could have compromised the result of the forensic.  She was then taken by the police to get her fingerprints in order to eliminate her prints from the forensic.

Baek Beom started the autopsy on the dead woman.  He was visibly upset when he found out that she was pregnant.

There was a flashback of him and his wife being involved in a car accident.  He was thrown off the car while his pregnant wife perished when the car blew up in flames.

Dont trust anyone, not even dead bodies!

That must be the mantra of a good pathologist.

The second episode was a make or break for the career of newbie, Eun Sol.  She was prosecuting the husband of the beaten dead woman but Baek Beom was a star witness for the alleged assailant.

Baek Beom declared that the beating had nothing to do with the wife’s death.  It was an accidental death brought about by a cocktail of drugs she was taking.

Episode 3 & 4
There is more camaraderie between Baek Beom and Eun Sol., I like this drama because it is believable in the sense that just because you wanted things to happen according to your preconceived notion, it doesn’t mean it will go your way as in Eun Sol’s case.

She wanted the husband to be punished for his wife death but in the end he really did not do it as proven by forensic.

In episode 4, is another story involving a adopted brother of three sisters. The adopted brother inherited the bulk of money from the family. Despite being dead for three years, his wife took it upon herself to impregnate herself with the dead husband’s frozen sperm cells.

The three sisters where up in arms because it would mean the money would go to the baby as willed by their father.

The wife had the body dug up, against the sisters’ wishes, for DNA purposes. Baek Beom found anomalies with the body. It had some contusions which are suspicious.  He sought the help of Eun Sol to get an emergency warrant, before the sisters create havoc.

Episode 5-8

The wife is the culprit!  She almost killed Eun Sol, who got badly injured.

She was then being forced by her parents to hand in her notice at work and marry a chaebol, who was going to give her three million dollars as a dowry.

As she refused, her father asked her to leave without taking anything with her.  She then had to surrender all the credit cards to him.

By accident, she ended up renting an officetel next door to Baek Beom.

The next case is more personal involving someone working closely with their cases.

My only gripe about this drama is the leading lady.  She is so full on.  She is good at her job but somehow I find her annoying. Tone down a bit and give her a bit more common sense when it comes to the forensic investigations.

Wok Of Love (Korean Drama) Review & Summary

Wok of Love poster

Wok Of Love (Korean Drama) Review & Summary

Genre:  Romance, Business, Comedy, Food

Date Released: May 2018

KDrama: 40 episodes


  • Lee Jun-ho as Seo Poong
  • Jang Hyuk as Doo Chil-sung
  • Jung Ryeo-won as Dan Sae-woo

Episode 1 & 2

The three leads all met up in a salon.

Seo Poong and Dan Sae-Woo were getting married but not to each other.

Doo Chil-sung was having a hair-cut.  He wanted a number two, a very close to the scalp.  But Dan Sae-woo said that she would not recommend it.  It would make him look like  a thug, a gangster.  He looked at her and fell in love at first sight.

The characters are introduced gradually.

Seo Poong is a popular chef in a Michelin rated restaurant.  He just married a long time girlfriend, who is a doctor, who was sleeping with her patient, who happens to be a chaebol and the new president of the hotel Seo Poong was working at as a chef.

Doo Chil Sung is an ex-gangster with a heart of gold.  He has a posse of ex-gang members, who he had been trying to re-educate to better themselves and perhaps would lead for each of them to find a good job, good relationship, get married and start a family.  But at the moment, Doo Chil Sung is failing with this plan.

Dan Sae-woo is an easy-going heiress.  She just registering her marriage before the actual ceremony.

Episode 3-4

This is a month later.

Seo Poong found out about his wife’s affair with the hotel’s president.

He did not only lost his wife, he lost his job as well.

Dan Sae-woo was waiting for her wedding ceremony to start when her ‘husband’ run away and her father was arrested for fraud.  Bad luck comes in three.  The third is that she had been diagnosed with a terminal cancer. 🙁

With the sad, almost hopeless, current situation Seo Poong and Sae-woo had found themselves in, Doo Chil Sung was there to support them.

At first I had to admit that I found this drama rather weird.  It was like watching a Bugs Buddy cartoon comes to life.

But these later episodes were really interesting.  From Bugs Bunny to Twin Peaks.

The cast are adorable especially the very versatile Jang Hyuk.  I find him a very unaffected actor.  A people’s actor.  He seems like a very lovely person. Not too self-aware, no airs. And willing to support younger actors.

It seems that Jang Hyuk may be the second lead in this drama in the sense that he won’t get the girl.  It would really be nice if he does get the girl as there was chemistry between him and Ryeo Won.

Yep this drama is one to watch for 2018.

Episodes 5-6

The good news is that Sae Woo does not have terminal cancer; the bad news is that her horse has the terminal cancer.

She had to borrow $10,000 from the Light and Shadow Loans,  which is owned by Chil Sung.

This early on, she confessed to her father she was visiting in prison that she met two nice men: a chef who gave a fortune cookie and Mr Light who lent her money.  Her father asked her who was the nicer, and she said the chef.  But her father said that it sounds like Mr Light was the nicer guy.  She then agreed that he may be right.  But we know who her first choice was.

Poong’s first day in his new restaurant was chaotic.  The ex-gang members were ganging up on him.   They refused to do what he tells them, until it got embarrassing when they had to serve a soap tasting jajangmyeon to their first customers, who happened to be his ex-wife and her new lover.  The lover insulted him and his skills as a chef.

Poong had no other choice but to fire all the kitchen assistants and hire new ones.

Next episodes should be exciting as we meet new characters that would make up the kitchen staff.

Suits (Korean Drama Review & Summary)

Suits (kDrama) poster

Suits (Korean Drama Review & Summary)

Genre: Law, Bromance, Romance, Crime

Date Released: April 2018


This Kdrama is based on an American drama, Suits.  It is about an excellent ‘closer’ who hired an associate, even though he is only a college drop out. What he the young man has is his photographic memory.


  • Jang Dong-gun as Choi Kyung-seo (Harvey Specter)
  • Park Hyung-sik as Go Yeon-woo (Mike Ross)
  • Chae Jung-an as Choi Byun (Donna Roberta)
  • Ko Sung-hee as Kim Ji-na (Rachel Zane)
  • Jin Hee-kyung as Kang Ha-yeon (Jessica Pearson)
  • Choi Gwi Hwa as Chae Geun-Sik (Louis Litt)


I was so glad when I first heard that there will be a Kdrama version of Suits.

I really enjoyed watching the American ‘Suit’.  It made a princess out of Meghan Markle playing Rachel Zane. 🙂

My favourite character in the American version is Louis Litt.  He is so vile and slimy, he was actually adorable.  LOL  I hope the Korean version can simulate him.

I have to say Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyung-sik are perfect choices to play the roles made famous by Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams.

The first episode has almost fallowed the exact version of the American drama.

Go Yeon-woo has a perfect memory that he often take the bar exams for people who would pay him.  He needed the money as he is looking after a hospitalised grandmother.

As the bills are piling up, he had no choice but to carry out shady deals once in a while.  One of these, was delivering a briefcase full of dope.

Running away from the authorities chasing him, he stumbled upon a open day interview  for associates at Kang&Ham Law office.

The person who could name the statuette at Choi Byun’s desk gets to progress for an interview with Kyung-seo.

Despite a number of applicants from prestigious schools, no one so far could name the statuette, that is until Yeon Woo came by.

It was fortunate for him as the narcotics officers were about to pounce on him.

He confessed immediately to Kyung-seo that he was not a lawyer and he is carrying dope.

He showed quick wit and good memory when he finally came face to face with the narcotics officers which impressed Kyung Seo.

He was hired on the spot.


He was fired on the first day.

Yeon Woo did not take it lying down being fired.  He argued and counter-argued which reminded Kyung-seo that he in turn just did the same thing with Ha-yeon, when his promotion as a  partner was retracted due to a major client’s dissatisfaction with the level of service he received and now suing the firm for damages.

In the end Ha-yeon approved his promotion but it did cost him.  He had to ensure that the client drops his suit and he had to  do a pro bono case (the clients are those who are unable to pay the high price of justice!)

Because of this good outcome, i.e. promotion, he was feeling benevolent and told Yeon Woo that he had passed the test.  He is hired.

He will be under supervision for six months and during that time he must get his degree and pass the bar and money is no object!

As a piece de resistance, Yeon Woo will be in charge of a pro bono case.

So far win-win for Kyung-seo, who was not that enamoured doing pro bono cases.  (Clever)

Watching this drama is not so exciting, I have to admit.  I feel like I have seen it all before. Though the day to day stories vary a little bit and the two male leads are total eye candy, the framework is basically the same as  the American’Suit’.

I must confessed that the American ‘Suit’ for me is not about Harvey and Mike but it was gorgeous Harvey with sneaky, slimy Louis Litt.

So far, the Louis Litt character in the Korean version does not show that attitude and personality of Rick Hoffman’s vile Louis.

Something In The Rain (Kdrama Review and Summary)

Something In The Rain poster

Something In The Rain (Kdrama Review and Summary)

  • Genre: Romance, Drama, Noona Love, Epic Misunderstanding
  • Date Released: March 2018
  • KDrama: 16 episodes
  • Network: JTBC
  • Shown in Netflix

OSt: Stand By Your Man by Carla Bruni (Mrs Sarkozy)


  • Son Ye-jin as Yoon Jin-ah
  • Jung Hae-in as Seo Joon-hee
  • Jang So-yeon as Seo Kyung-seon
  • Wi Ha-joon as Yoon Seung-ho

This drama reminds me of another cute and a great favourite Kdrama of 2006 called What’s Up Fox.

It is about a noona love, meaning a cougar love affair.  🙂 Lucky Noona

Just like in What’s Up Fox, the young man developed feelings for his older sister’s best friend.

In this drama Yoon Jin-ah (played by Son Ye-jin) is best friend with Seo Kyung-seon (played by Jang So-yeon).  They used to be neighbours so they knew each very well.

Kyung Seon has a younger brother who went abroad for a while.

Joon hee, the brother, came back, as a very personable and flirty man.  He happened to get employed in the same building as Jin-ah.

He heard that Jin-ah had broken up with her current beau, who told her that she was a konjac, meaning someone unexciting.  The ex-boyfriend thought and said that Jin-ah  was a bit of a dried-up woman at 35 years of age. (what a horrid man)

Joon Hee teased Jin-ah continuously whenever he saw her and that became often. They go out for lunch and became friends.  JIn-ah became his pretty noona who buys him food.  He was there when Jin-ah was accosted by her ex-boyfriend who wanted to reconcile.

Joon hee is beginning to show interest with Jin-ah, who treats him just like an annoying brother.

Episode 2

Joon Hee is so cute, with his boyish smile and clean good looks, he is adorable.  Lucky noona.

Episode two is more flirting which is leading to a more serious feelings between the two,   Joon Hee probably had had a crush on Jin ah  when he was younger. 🙂

Jin ah parents’ invited her ex-boyfriend for dinner, not knowing that they had already broken up.  The dinner ended up in chaos when Jin ah revealed all that she was two-timed by the ex.

The ex said that she was also having it off with someone; at that point Joon Hee arrived on the scene having been invited by Jin ah’s younger brother to their home.  The ex pointed to Joon Hee as the man Jin ah was having an affair with.  Everyone was shock.

Episode 3

Lucky Noona!!!  I think they should retitle this drama into Lucky Noona!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Noona’s flirtation with Joon Hee have culminated in their now tentative man-woman relationship.  The scene where Joon Hee was being teased by workmates about him getting the girls 100 percent but Joon Hee said only 99% while the lucky noona reached out under the table to hold Joon Hee’s hand was just the cutest. Again lucky noona.  🙂

Joon hee is so cute….  Loving them together.

Episode 4

Lucky Noona!!!

I found myself giggling almost throughout this episode. Joon Hee is so boyishly adorable.  They are more adventurous and will be taking their relationship up another level.

Episode 5

Jin-ah went to spend the day at Joon Hee’s flat, taking advantage to the fact that her friend (Joon Hee’s sister) was away overnight.  The two has now fully consummated their relationship.

They were so giddy with their mutual attraction that they try to be together where they are able to.

Episode 6

Despite warnings, the ex-boyfriend continues to harass Jin Ah.

Episode 7

Joon Hee and Seung Ho beat up the ex-boyfriend.  They ended up being arrested and Jin Ah had ot come to the police station as guardian to bail out her brother.

Jin Ah was forced to confess to her brother that Joon Hee was her boyfriend.

Episode 8

Toward the end of the episode, Kyung Seong, Joon Hee’s sister that there is something going on between her brother and best friend.

Episode 9

Kyung Seong was feeling betrayed not only by her brother. whom she reared and cared for but by her best friend who she treated like a family as well.

Jin Ah has the conviction that she has nothing to be shameful.  All she would apologised for was not telling her sooner about her relationship with Joon Hee.

In the end Kyung Seong said she will tolerate the relationship but still not sure about it.

Episode 10

Joon Hee wanted everything in the open, so he confessed to Jin ah’s mother that they are in a relationship.

It did not go very well.  the mother would accept them together.  She is doing everything to separate them, including emotional blackmail.

She tells JIn Ah that Joon Hee was like her own son, she him grow up.

The mother also went to Kyung Seong.  She got upset with the vindictiveness of the mother.

Episode 11

Jin Ah’s mother is turning psychotic with her rage and disapproval of the lovers.

It doesn’t help that Jin Ah kept going to Joon Hee’s flat for quick sex during the night.  The noona is really horny 🙂

One of these nights, her mother decided to go follow her.  Joon Hee protected JIn Ah and sent her home.

The mother then confronted Joon Hee, made him feel very small.  She more or less told him that he was nothing, not good enough for her daughter.

The mother is delusional, her daughter is 35 years old, she over the shelf.  Her ex-boyfriend described her as a konjac!

By the way, why is she still living with her parents.  She is supposed to be an independent woman with a good job.

Talking about her work, there is currently a case of habitual sexual harassments of female employees by their male bosses.  And yet now one was willing to report it officially worrying of the probable negative outcome to them personally if there were not believed.






The Miracle We Met (KDrama Review & Summary)

The Miracle We Met KBS poster

The Miracle We Met (KDrama Review & Summary)

  • Genre: Family, Romance, Fantasy, Conspiracy, Melodrama
  • Date Released: March 2018
  • Drama: 18 Episodes + Special
  • Original Soundtrack: Monochrome by Bily Acoustie


  • Kim Myung-min as Song Hyun-chul (Banker)
  • Kim Hyun-joo as Sun Hye-jin
  • Ra Mi-ran as Jo Yeon-hwa
  • Ko Chang-seok as Song Hyun-chul (Cook)
  • Joseph Lee as Keum Sung-moo


So many brilliant actors in one drama.  Just the perfect replacement for Misty (I hope).

Anyway, there are two couples, where the husbands have exactly the same names as well as dates of birth.

They are both called Song Hyun Chul but their similarities end there.

One is tall, very masculine, looks after his health, physique and very punctilious with his wardrobe, in other words he is a metrosexual.

The other Song Hyun Chul, is short and stout, whose wardrobe and appearance are the last in his list of priorities.  His saving grace is his sense of humour and his fidelity to his family.

The metrosexual man is an excellent banker, he was precise and rather cold especially to his wife.  His wife is Sun Hye-Jin who he treats like a housekeeper rather than his better half..  He tells her that he doesn’t like her especially now that she had become rather an embarrassment to his prominent position in the bank for insisting on working in a department store as a sales lady. The banker is a bit of a scoundrel as well.  He is a bullying boss as well as having an affair.

The other couple own and run a diner, they are ‘common’ compared to the first couple but they have a loving relationship and quite happy of their family life.  They know how to have fun.

The men have just both celebrated their 42nd birthday.  The banker spent the night with his mistress and his two children couldn’t care less about his birthday.

The cook on the other hand had a good jolly party with his family.

They were both driving on a busy motorway when they each crashed their cars.  They did not die instantly.

The banker was left in a coma whilst the cook had some broken bones.

Then came the Grim Reaper.  Oh oh, he made a mistake, there was an administrative error because both men have the same name and date of birth, the Grim Reaper, who happened to be a gorgeous young man, harvested the wrong soul, he took the cook; it was the banker who was meant to die.

It was too late to remedy the situation as the cook’s family had him cremated before his body had even reach rigamortis stage  🙁 .

So when the banker died, he came back alive again with the soul of the cook within him.

Episode 2

The newly revived Song Hyun Chul (cook in the body of the banker) is so confused.  His heart and mind are pining for his family, while now being taken cared of by the banker’s family.

He ended up having two families with two wives.

In episode 1, the cook went to the bank to get a loan to pay for the deposit for his new diner/restaurant. But the bank refused his application as he apparently just taken a loan.  He was so confused and upset as the bank won’t listen that it was not him who had taken the loan.

He is actually a victim of scammers, who arranged his subsequent accident to hide their lucrative criminal acts.

The new Song Hyun Chul gave his family some money to pay for the deposit for the restaurant. At least that is taken cared of.  He left a note  that it came from a friend who borrowed the money previously.

I am still in two minds whether I am still going to continue watching this because there is really nowhere for him to go than to go back to his family,  How can be stay with the banker’s family when his family really needs him and loves him.  And also before he died he had a conversation with his wife that he will always love her.

I know Sun Hye Jin is prettier but there is something about the plainer wife which is engaging and relatable.  LOL

Anyway another eye candy character was introduced who would probably be the beau for Sun Hye Jin.

But what if Sun Hye Jin falls for her new version of a kinder husband?

I supposed I shall give this more time and then decide whether to continue.  I shall be very upset if he starts developing feelings for Sun Hye Jin because that is not right in any level.

Episode 3

The Grim Reaper is in trouble.  His mission now is to make the cook in the bankers body to go back willingly to his own wife.  The cook really loved his wife but in the end he is still a man.  Men are attracted to beautiful women.  The banker’s wife is particularly attractive. 🙁 🙁 🙁

The cook also has the brain of the banker but not the memory.  The banker was a genius with numbers and languages.  As the cook has the banker’s brain to work with, he is learning fast.

Episode 4

The cook found out that the banker was a ‘crook’.  He apparently took the money from the loan himself.  But there is a conspiracy here.  The banker’s mistress, who is the assistant bank manager might be the one involved with the fraud.  But as he can’t remember anything, the mistress has put the blame on him.

Episode 8

I found myself tearing up towards the end of this episode.  Yeon Hwa finally confronted the banker (Cook) about him being her husband.

For some reason, the cook inside the banker’s body denied her.  The cook is beginning to fall in love with the banker’s wife.  Men!!!  It is all about looks!

The story is messed up, I am not sure how this drama is going to end but it upsets me to know that the cook would abandon his real family for a ‘new’ one.

Good acting by everyone.  Another gem for 2018 as far as the acting is concerned but I am not too sure about the story line.  It is cruel.  The cook/banker playing with the wives’ emotions is extremely upsetting.

Episode 9

It started with a gut-wrenching scene, where he actually put the blame on Yeon Hwa for the current situation.  He said if only she believed him the first time he came to see her, it would not have become this complicated.  Duh!  She just lost a beloved husband.  The last thing she needed was harassment from some deluded strange guy.

Even the Reapers initiated some situations where this couple could reconcile but the cook/banker had made his choice.  He had fallen for the banker’s beautiful wife.

This is the first time I am wishing the hero of a story to die 🙁  (Deep breath, calm down) hahahaha

He is really being cruel to Yeon Hwa.  There is no eternal love! Forever love is just a figment of delusion.  LOL

Poor Yeon Hwa!  Just forget the fat ba****d inside the gorgeous banker’s body.  He is not worth it.  Start a romance with the policeman instead. 🙂

The OST is so good. Even  the instrumental version is so appropriate, you really feel the story, probably it contributed to my current state of being so wound up.

Thank goodness it is just a drama.,

Episode 10

In term of action and confrontation, this episode is rather sedate compared to the past few ones.  However the action/reaction is actually left to the viewers to emote with.

We can see that the cook/banker has started being biased towards the banker’s own family.  So much so that the cook’s adored only child was ignored on her birthday.  Not a peep from the cook.  He has been opening up towards the banker’s wife and they are now at a stage of touchy-feely kind of relationship.

I do feel sorry for Yeon Hwa.  How could you come to terms with the half-life/halfdeath of a beloved.  You know where he was and yet you are prevented to go to him because legally he is someone else’s now?

I really hate the cook but for some reason, I don’t hate Kim Myung-min’s Song Hyun-chul.  My hatred is totally directed to the fat, cheerful, grinning. loving cook as portrayed by Ko Chang-seok.  Funny that.

The episode ended with the banker being arrested for the murder of the suspected person who did something with the cook’s car.

One thing I notice in KDramas.  The scriptwriters seem to not have any confidence to their police force.  They are often portrayed as bumbling, incompetent idiots. 🙂

Episode 11

Well Hyun~Chul was arrested but Yeon Hwa was there to save the day.  She told the bumbling policeman that he had arrested an innocent man.  Hye-JIn,  the banker’s wife was also there, had become rather suspicious of the situation.

Hyun-Chul is getting more confused by the minute.  His being implicated to a  fraudulent mismanagement at work is topped up by his growing attraction to the banker’s wife.

His friend and driver had told him that it was time to go back to his real family.  Hyun Chul said that he was only going to solve the problem in the bank in connection with the dead banker and then he will go back to his real family.  He also said that he can’t leave the banker’s wife without a husband and the children without a father.  He was really cut up about these.

He got talking to his ‘son’ (the banker’s) who told him that he was now friends with Ji Soo (the cook’s daughter) and they celebrated her birthday.

Finally it clicked!  He was too busy worrying and playing happy family with the banker’s wife and children that he had completely forgotten the birthday of his own daughter.  (bastard!)

He went immediately to see Ji Soo.

He was so dejected afterwards that he went for confession.  The priest seemed to know everything and advised him to go back to the family as the longer he leaves it, the sadder the banker’s family will be during the final parting.  He was asked that perhaps his reluctance to go back to his real family was because he had fallen in love with the banker’s wife?

As soon as he got home, he gave the signed divorce paper to the banker’s wife and texted his real wife that he will be coming home soon.

The episode ended with a confrontation between the two wives.  Yeon Hwa begged Hye-jin to return her husband back to her.

Episode 12

I have a changed of mind.  I think Hyun Chul should now stay with Hye-Jin.  This is because she really has more rights than Yeon Hwa.

Yeon Hwa’s husband was a fat squat guy who was cheerful and jokey.

The new Hyun Chul is becoming more like the banker, beginning to think more like the banker so he is turning more and more like the banker.

It was not Hye-jin’s concern that Yeon Hwa is now saying that the new Hyun Chul, the cook is just body- renting Hyun Chul’s banker’s body.

Yeon Hwa had a ‘closure’.  She had her husband cremated.  She should just move on.  Afterall the new Hyun Chul is not that interested in her or their family anymore.  Sad.

Episode 13-14

Omigod these episodes are just the saddest.

Hyun Chul, after having a heart to heart, with Ji Soo, his daughter finally decided to go back to Yeon Hwa.

It was very telling that Yeon Hwa herself, can’t make him come home and yet their daughter can.  What does that say about their marriage and relationship?!!!.

The issue about the fraudulent dealings in the bank is beginning to unravel, where the bank president and his cronies are  in the thick of it.  It was a good foresight of Hyun Chul to have recorded his conversation with the bank president.  It saved his own  skin against the conspiracy of the bank’s higher ups to frame him.

The scene where the usually calm and serene Hye Jin, who was visibly upset when Hyun Chul finally told her that he was not her husband and that he was going back to his real family was just tragic.  She back-hugged him to stay.  He can’t helped himself and hugged her tightly back but he had to go back as he already promised his daughter.

When he got back home, he was far from excited and Yeon Hwa noticed immediately that he was not her ‘husband’.

He doesn’t want to be in her company. They were awkward.  They might have slept on the same bed but there was an invisible chasm between them.  It was excruciating to watch. I feel so sorry for Yeon Hwa and yet at the same time upset with her.  She should give up on him.  He’s not worth it.  He is a selfish little s**t in someone else’s body.

I have to admit that I was rather annoyed with  Yeon Hwa when she called Hye Jin, who she knew was absolutely devastated. It looks like she was rubbing salt to Hye Jin’s injury by saying that her husband is back with her and that Hye Jin should pack Hyun Chul’s clothes and she would collect them.  What a ‘bi**ch! 🙂  Hye Jin quite rightly said that the clothes were her husband’s.

Hyun Chul was already in bed together with Yeon Hwa quite late in the night, when he received a call from the banker’s daughter informing him that Hye Jin was ill.

He got dressed immediately to go.

This next scene was heart-breaking.  Yeon Hwa followed him outside begging him not to go.  She even said that she would stay outside to wait for his return.  You can see later on that she was still sitting by the steps outside their house in her flimsy night dress under the pouring rain.

Can’t wait for next week episodes for more upset feelings for me.  Love it and hate it at the same time.

Episode 15

Have I mentioned how gorgeous Kai was as Ato, a young grim reaper?!!! Well he is a total eye candy and he had more screen time in this episode.  I hope it continues toward  the finale.

I had a seesaw of emotion this time.  I was beginning to lean toward Team Hye Jin as I was finding Yeon Hwa rather pathetic and malicious last week.

Yeon Hwa’s scenes with Ato was just so darn cute.  The way he held an invisible umbrella while she was sitting on the step in the pouring rain was so affecting.

This episode is totally Yeon Hwa’s.  I was watching her finally getting into grips that the man before her was no longer her husband.  When she told him to go, I found myself bursting into tears.  I was even wondering where that came from.  I was really feeling the moment. huhuhu

Anyway I am back at Team Yeon Hwa but I want her to live without the encumbrance of  her fickle husband, who had fallen in love with someone else.  He was so comfortable giving Hye Jin, hugs and even kisses but he can’t even bear to sit close next to Yeon Hwa.

Her father-in-law was beyond annoying.  He had the nerve to tell off Yeon Hwa for having thrown out his son late that night and without feeding him first.

I was rooting for her when she had that cathartic shout out by the riverside while she was saying her goodbyes and wishing her husband to live a good life.  But she confidently said to herself that she will live an even better one.  I was so glad about that.

Episode 16

Have I mentioned how gorgeous Kai was? Oh yes I have! 🙂

Anyway this episode is actually a so-so.

Probably because I don’t find the romance between the two beautiful people, Hyun Chul and Hye Jin sweet.   In fact it is rather putrid.

And as Yeon Hwa put it rather succinctly ‘he was having fun cheating, cheating legally, skillfully and annoyingly!

Yeon Hwa was so annoyed with Hyun Chul for having marginalised their daughter, making her a fifth wheel to his new found family, when he was supposed to be taking Ji Soo out for a treat.

Anyway the bank controversy is almost wrapped up except for the Head of HR, who was deep into the bogus loans scandal.  He was on the run and stalking Hyun Chul.

As his work in the bank is now slightly lighter, horny Hyun Chul suggested to  Hye Jin to take a trip with him.  The equally horny Hye Jin agreed with such alacrity. Ha ha ha

Ato and the other angel of death were talking about the death situation and they concurred that it had gone too far to be reversed and many people have been affected and would continue to do so.

Hye Jin and Hyun Chul were giddily promenading by the bank of the river, totally engrossed with each other that they did not notice a gun being fired towards them…

Who gets shot?

As there are four episodes more to go and the sadistic writers are not finished wringing every emotion yet from viewers, I reckon, Ato (gorgeous Kai) will be there to save the day.

But if someone dies, I think it might be Hye JIn.

Hyun Chul will then be left in pieces; too overwrought with grief to reconcile with Yeon Hwa.  I don’t see any happy ending!

I prefer thought that Hyun Chul dies.  LOL

Episode 17

Have I mentioned how gorgeous Kai was?  He was and lucky Yeon Hwa got to hug him…tight.

Hyun Chul apparently is a completely a new person.  He was not the banker nor was he the cook.  He himself believed this so much so that he told his daughter, Ji Soo, that they can never be as before.  They cannot return to the past and that he is someone else’s father now.

He had become a really unfeeling character to his original family, as the cook.  He is treating them badly and always on his term as well.  He will be nice to them when he feels like it and then completely indifferent when it suited him.

Thank goodness Yeon Hwa is valiantly moving on but poor Ji Soo!

The ending of this episode was shockingly unexpected.  How can they kill Yeon Hwa.  She is a decent human being.  I have to say that I thought Hyun Chul was going to die, meet another accident when his car was barred from all sides by other cars and a truck.  I thought the truck in front will roll onto him and kill him.  I totally did not expect Yeon Hwas to get run over and die, that was just too cruel.

I hope she doesn’t die.  I hope Kai/Ato is just in time to revive her.

I wonder if this drama is preproduced?  It  they are shooting scenes as they go along, it must have been rather hard for Kai, being the angel of death, when his real father had just passed very recently.

Anyway, I am not sure anymore how this drama will end.

Episode 18

Woah, I thought there were another two episodes but it seems this is the finale.

I have just watched it now raw and I am not really happy about the ending.  Hyun Chul is just too annoyingly smug to have gotten away with everything.

I think Ato reversed time but leaving the ‘new’ Hyun Chul’s memory intact.  I think his own punishment was watching his ‘family’ being happy with the revived cook.

But looking at his face in the end, he really doesn’t give a s**t!

Have I mentioned how gorgeous Kai was?!!!  I thought I should again as a bit of a panacea to this sorry ending.  I was expecting something more dramatic. Instead they opted for uninspired coward’s way of reversing time .  Nothing special after the rollercoaster storyline!  What a shame!

I am pretty sure the writers and producers knew this ending will not sit well with the viewers who invested 18 hours or more to this drama only to be presented with a cop out ending.

So to make sure it was not a total damp squib for viewers, Kai was brought in for a bit of an eye candy and light relief.

I have to say, it almost worked but the random gorgeous dancing scene was just too brief. He can really move.  Please give him a drama of his own already!

Anyway here is my summary.

Ato had developed a protective fondness for Yeon Hwa.  Her death made him desolate even for a deity of death.

So he appeared to Hyun Chul, who was rather upset after the death of Yeon Hwa (but not upset or concerned enough to comfort his daughter who was  mourning and crying her eyes out all alone, next to the corpse of her mother.) Ato gave him a choice of reversing everything that happened just prior and after the body renting.

He opted for the reverse procedure, knowing that the ‘new’ Hyun Chul will be gone, but he will have a flashback memory of what had occurred.

What did he do?

He went home immediately to Hye Jin, got in bed with her and testamenting that he doesn’t know himself whether Hyun Chul, the banker or the cook who truly loves her. all he knew was that he loves her.  This is while Yeon Hwa had just died.  The spirit of Yeon Hwa must be able to see how being disrespectful he was to her even in her immediate time of death. (B*****d!!!) 🙁

Then the time came for everything to be reversed!

He was back to being the banker but with the sensitivity (or not) of the cook.

He, as the banker, started courting not only his wife but also their children.

All the bank, business were cleared up and the criminals apprehended.  While looking at his notebook, the last entry was for 29 May 2018 and he previously wrote that it was time for him to go home.

He suddenly felt nostalgic for his ‘old’ wife, daughter and father.

At that same time Yeon Hwa is alive again and happily living with her husband, the cook (yes the fat grinning bloke is alive – I have not forgiven him for being easily swayed by a beautiful woman).

Yeon Hwa was having the time of her life with her family.  There was a wistful look in Hyun Chul’s eyes and smile as he watched them from afar, especially looking at the radiant Yeon Hwa.

Later on he then went to his old house and had a surprised encounter with Yeon Hwa by the doorstep.  She was happy but looked through him like the stranger that he had become.

The end was looking up to high heavens in a beautiful scenic location, thanking the Lord for his second chance.

~The End~





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