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Shall We Live Together (KDrama Review & Summary)

Shall We Live Together poster

Shall We Live Together is also known as Marry Me Now?

Genre: Romance, Family, Melodrama
Date Released: March 2018

Shown Saturdays & Sundays

No of Episodes: 50


  • Han Ji Hye as Park Yoo Ha
  • Lee Sang Woo as Jung Eun Tae
  • Park Sun Young as Park Sun Ha




Shall We Live Together (KDrama Review & Summary)

There are two episodes so far that have been released. The story is not really clear yet how it is going to go.

So far Park Yoo Ha (played by Han Ji Hye) is married to a chaebol.  Being from a lowly family she has to abide to the dictum of her in-laws including almost disowning her own family.

But when her own daughter became a part of the parcel, she finally had had enough.  She told her husband that she wanted divorce.

She had no choice as she will not allow her four year old daughter to be taken abroad, away from her, even for education.

Jung Eun Tae is a well respected doctor who had been out of the country volunteering his services to the poor and needy of the world.

Eun Tae and Yoo Ha first met in the hospital.  He noticed already her enviable pair of legs as a work of art (Lee Sang Woo should know as he is married in real life with a woman with really beautiful shapely legs)

Eun Tae treated Yoo Ha’s inflamed sole, but she vanished before he can find out who she was.

Last scene was Yoo Ha going back to her father’s house with her little daughter and declaring that she was to divorce her husband.

That Man Oh Soo (Kdrama Review & Summary)

That Man Oh Soo (Kdrama Review & Summary)

That Man Oh Soo poster by OCN

  • Genre: Romance, Supernatural
  • Release Date: March 2018
  • Network:  OCN


  • Lee Jong Hyun as Oh Soo
  • Kim So-Eun as Seo Yoo-ri
  • Kang Tae-oh as Kim Jin-Woo
  • Heo Jeong-Min as Oh Ga-Na
  • Park Na-Ye – Seo Soo-Jung
  • Park Geun-Hyung as Oh Man-Soo

This drama is starring Lee Jong Hyun of CNBlue, a pop rock South Korean band and the adorable Kim So-Eun.

The story is about a couple in their 20s who have different takes on love.

Episode 1

Seo Yoo-ri played by Kim So-eun had been dating her boyfriend for the last three years.  They made a pact that on their third anniversary he was going to propose to her.

Came that date, she excitedly met him in a cafe/restaurant.

That cafe restaurant is owned by Oh Soo’s family.

This restaurant is rather special.

Oh Soo is the heir to a supernatural ability of making lovers be together if were really in love or separate if not true love.  This cupid-like talent comes from the coffees with added pollens gathered from an ancient tree which grew in the courtyard of their family house.

The heirs of with the magical ability have this tree tattooed on their body.  If the succeeding heir declines to continue on running the restaurant, the tree would die together with the current heir, who was old Oh Man Soo, the grandfather.

Oh Soo is still not sure whether he wanted to run the restaurant as he is a rising star in the IT,

Anyway, he was the barrista when Yoo-ri was there during her date with her boyfriend.  They ordered their coffee.

Yoo-ri felt underwhelmed with the date as she was hoping that her boyfriend would have prepared more for the proposal.  Instead she had to remind him about the ‘day’.

The boyfriend was all apologies at first, until he had a sip of his coffee.  He then blurted out that he wanted to break up.

Yoo-ri was so upset that she went drinking.  She then try haphazardly to go home.

Oh Soo saw her in such a sorry state that he took her into the restaurant.

She mistakenly drank a cup of coffee that had the special pollens which were meant for another customer.

She then kissed Oh Soo.

Somehow she ended up in the hospital, where she met the boy, a childhood friend, who was so happy to see her and had been looking for her.

Episode 2

Oh Soo was a rising IT engineer but the grandfather said that he had to make his mind up whether to be a full time It guy or be a barista and restauranteur.

O Soo noticed that the tree-like tattoo on his chest is changing, fading.  He was on his way to Australia for a meeting when his grandfather disappeared.  He then cancelled his trip at the very last minute and stumbled towards their house but he fainted on the way.

Yoo-ri, who was on the beat, saw a man lying on the street.

Episode 3




My Husband, Oh Jak Doo (South Korean Drama Review & Summary)

My Husband, Oh Jak Doo (South Korean Drama Review & Summary)

My Husband Oh Jak Doo poster

Genre: Romance, Family, Crime

Date Released:  March 2018

No of Episodes: 24


  • Kim Kang-woo as Oh Jak-doo
  • Uee as Han Seung-joo
  • Jung Sang-hoon as Eric Jo
  • Han Sun-hwa as Jang Eun-jo
  • Han Sang-jin as Bang Yong-min
  • Park Jung-soo as Park Jung-ok
  • Seol Jung-hwan as Han Seung-tae
  • Park Min-ji as Kwon Se-mi
  • Jung Chan as Hong In-pyo
  • Jung Soo-young as Park Kyung-sook
  • Kim Bo-mi as Bang Jung-mi

It is a cute drama that does grow on you.  I have to admit that I was almost put off  continuing to watch the series because I just couldn’t stand the evil mother and dumb brother of Seung Joo plus the super annoying Bang Jung-mi.

Thank goodness I persevered,  Kim Kang Woo and Uee are so likeable that even if drama is a bit troublesome at first, I just had to continue on.

The story is about a woman, Seung Joo, who is 35 years old. She suffers discrimination for still being single.

Not only that, Seung Joo is now afflicted with panic attacks caused by too much responsibilities, family relationship and bereavement as well as work-related stress.  To top all that, her house, which is mortgaged to the hilt, had become a serious crime scene.  Someone was murdered in her house.  She let a Canadian holiday maker stay only to get murdered.

To add more mystery, the assailant was really after her.   He seemed to be punishing or trying to kill Seung Joo for something she did which caused the death of his wife, the mother of his cute child.

With all these goings on, Seung Joo went to the mountain to look at the inheritance from her beloved aunt, who passed away.  The aunt was the only relative who loved her dearly.

In the mountain she found a lone tenant, Oh Jak Do, who asked her to allow him to continue living in the mountain house.  Seung Joo agreed to the request as she does not really want to change anything, but she asked him to pretend to be her husband.

Unbeknown to Seung Joo, her brother stole her stamp and change the deed to the mountain property.  Her mother was in connivance with the son.  These two are really horrible.  Seung Joo had continue to bankrole them as well as meet all the debts incurred by her no-good brother who engaged with get rich schemes, which always fail.

Oh Jak Do, who is a bit of hick came to live in Seoul to be with Seung Joo as a pretend husband.

He is beginning to be really protective of Seung Joo; with her health and safety.  A number of times, he had to deal with men, including the assailant, who wanted to do her harm.

In episode 5, Oh Jak Do is not quite the hick that he was anymore. He had a shave and a haircut and looking yummy 🙂 and Seung Joo thought so too. 🙂

It seems that there might be some other love interests in the future episodes as Eun-jo, Oh Jak Do’s first love has come back to the scene.  She is now a renowned gayageum musician as was Oh Jak Do, once upon a time.

There was also a bumbling but cute second male lead, Eric Jo, who has a massive crush on Seung Joo.

Yap this drama is becoming really interesting.


Global Granary

Good Witch (Kdrama Review & Summary)

Good Witch (Kdrama Review & Summary)

Good Witch poster by SBS

Genre: Romance & Mystery

Release Date: March 2018


  • Lee Da-hae as Cha Sun-hee / Cha Do-hee
  • Ryu Soo-young as Song Woo-jin
  • Ahn Woo-yeon as Oh Tae-yang
  • Bae Soo-bin as Bong Chun-dae
  • Sol Bin (ko) as Bong Chun-ji
  • Geum Bo-ra as Byun Ok-jung
  • Yang Geum-seok as Lee Moon-sook
  • Lee Han-seo as Bong Cho-rong
  • Kim Yong-gun as Song Tae-joon
  • Moon Hee-kyung as Kim Gong-joo
  • Yoon Se-ah as Oh Tae-ri
  • Shim Hyung-tak as Chae Kang-min
  • Lee Deok-hwa as Oh Pyung-pan

New South Korean drama for March.

The story is about identical twin girls played by gorgeously elegant Lee Da-Hae.  These girls have  opposites characters and outlooks in life.  The elder girl is Cha Sun-hee who would do anything for anyone including writing off monies she worked her guts out to earn so that a swindler with a sad story could go on with her life.  Cho Da-hee on the other hand is self-centred and cold.

Both girls from a young age wanted to become flight attendants.  Sadly, their father who was a policeman died having been assaulted by thugs.  From then on their lives have changed for the worse.  They had to leave their comfortable home for something barely habitable.

Their mother worked really hard and so did Sun-hee to make ends meet.

When it came to college, both girls were given scholarship but they can only afford to send one to school.  Being so good natured, Sun-hee insisted that Da-hee takes the place while she works to support her .

Da-hee worked hard as a flight attendant and became a model employee.  Unfortunately she is not filial and doesn’t want close relationship with either her sister and mother.

Sun-hee met Bong Chun Dae, a handsome and cheerful but rather hapless man.   He surprised her with a proposal and were married soon after.

During the wedding ceremony, Da hee came to berate Sun-hee about becoming a flight attendant herself in a rival airline.  Da hee told her that Sun-hee will be a mortal hindrance to her career as the model flight attendant.

That put paid to Sun hee’s ambitions.  She took stock of what Da hee said, being such a saintly sister and scrapped her plans of training to be a stewardess herself.

Years passed, she had a lovely daughter who is mature beyond her age.  She often tells her mother to be more like Aunt Da hee so people won’t take advantage of her.

Out of the blue Da hee came-a-knocking to Sun hee’s house.

When Sun-hee opened the door, she found her sister about to pass out.  She rushed her to the hospital and found out that Da hee had a stroke and needed urgent surgery.  But before Da hee went for the operation she made Sun-hee promised to pretend to be her and go to the Sky Garden of the airline for meeting.  There, someone will hand her something that is essential to Dahee’ life.

Sun hee did as her sister asked, before she knew it she was a full pledge flight stewardess and met the handsome but celibate pilot, Song Woo Jin played by the handsome and funny Ryo Suu Young.

Their interaction was hilarious.  Love it.

Can’t wait for next week.


Queen Of Mystery Season 2 (Drama Review & Recap)

Queen Of Mystery Season 2 (Drama Review & Recap)

Yehey, it is back.  Season 2 is here.  I hope it is as good and thrilling as Queen of Mystery 2017.


  • Choi Gang-Hee as Yoo Seol-ok
  • Kwon Sang-Woo as Detective Ha Wan-Seung
  • Park Byung-eun as Woo Sung-ha
  • Kang Hyun-sook as Kim Kyung-mi
  • Lee Da-hee as Jung Hee-yeon
  • Oh Min-suk as Team Leader Gye
  • Kim Tae-woo as Ha Ji-seung
  • Kim Won-hae as Head of a Section Jo
  • Min Sung-uk as Corporal Gong
  • Kim Min-sang as Team Leader Hwang
  • Kim Jong-soo as Chief Shin
  • Hong Ki-joon as Sergeant Yook
  • Kwon Mina as police officer Shin Nara.

It was only right that it comes back because there was no closure as far as the sizzling chemistry between the leads during season 1 of 2017.

Now the first episode shows that Seol-ok is no longer a housewife.  Divorced her cheating prosecutor husband but seemed to have kept her ex-mother-in-law.

She is now training to become a police officer with the help of her best friend,Kyung-mi.

This episode also deals with  fraud crimes, where the handsome son of a fraudster would marry a rich unsuspecting woman, take her money and then kill her. And repeating this several times.

Seol-ok worked as an undercover, pretending to be a naive but rich woman, who was prepared to marry the handsome son.  She was actually very pretty in her wedding outfit.

Detective Ha arrived just in time during the ring ceremony.  All hell broke loose, lots of fighting and kicking.

As always they got the baddies.

During this time Seol-ok and Detective Ha have started to cautiously date.

He bought her a ring but drunkenly gave it to another girl, thinking it was Seol-ok.  As Seol-ok did not say anything about the ring, he thought that she was a bit of a con.  🙂

The episode ended with a mysterious woman, who was supposed to be Detective Ha’s first love walking away from the police station after leaving her business card.

Episode 2

Seol-ok is so good with forensic work but for some reason she can’t pass the police exam.  But due to the telly coverage of the marriage fraud investigation, which Detective Ha let it be known was a case solved almost entirely by the civilian Seol-ok.  The police has  had to make her an honorary policewoman, a civilian /auxiliary policewoman same as UK’s PCSO (Police Community Support Officer),  who is not fully warranted!

Anyway, this episode is about serial arsonists.  The arsonist, is some sort of vigilante against misbehaviour of neighbours and the community.

But there was a bigger menace, who has not been caught yet.  An arsonist who wears a mask and seemed to target a bakery and its franchise, which sell expensive top of the range cakes.

The episode ended with Detective Ha being woken by smoke.  His new apartment has been set on fire by the vengeful man behind the mask.

Can’t wait for next week.

Episodes 3-4

These episodes are about a child, who turned pyromaniac, due to parental neglect and discipline.

Episode 5-6

I have to say these two episodes are more really to my taste.  The first four episodes are more on saying goodbye to some of the much loved original casts and introducing the new ones.

I have to admit I do miss Lee Won-geun who played that really sweet adorable young cop.  I think this drama could have done with him around.

Anyway five and six are more true to the first season, where Seol Ok was busy investigating on her own terms.

There are also more sweet moments between her and Detective Ha.  It was hilarious when she made him a meal of vegetables.  Serving him a whole head of broccoli was so funny.

Anyway it is usually a different case for every two episodes by not this time.  They are still looking for the killer of a shop/building owner near a university Seol Ok is doing her cramming to pass her police exam.


Happy Sisters – KDrama Review

Happy Sisters

Happy Sisters – KDrama Review

I have to say I have been totally sidetracked by A Love So Beautiful, a Chinese drama, that I have lost much of my appetite for Korean dramas lately.  I did try to watch a few and can’t really get into them but for some reason this new Korean drama, Happy Sisters, managed to piqued my interest.

Actually I first watched it while waiting for the twit (from Twitter) from Noumi that ALSB has been subbed.  Oh the time I had waited for the English subs!!!  Well worth it.

Anyway, I began to watch Happy Sisters., thinking what is this?!!!  There was that monstrous looking mother-in-law, the lead girls where ajumma (older lady) looking.

I was pleasantly surprised.  But I have to admit that I have fast-forwarded a lot of the scenes from the first 7 episodes and concentrating mainly in the stories of the two sisters.  By episode 8 I am totally hooked and even loving the monstrous mother-in-law.

Main Cast:

  • Shim Yi-young as Yoon Ye-eun – wife
  • Han Young as Yoon Sang-eun – contract marriage wife
  • Oh Dae-gyu as Choi Jae-woong – contract marriage husband
  • Kang Seo-joon as Lee Jin-seop – erring husband
  • Lee Shi-kang as Min Hyung-joo – Handsome jobless
  • Ban So-young as Jo Hwa-young – the mistress
  • Bo Ra-na as Go Da Hong – Grunge lady with two kids
  • Heo Eun Jung as Lee Se Ran – Lee Jin-seop’s sister
  • Lee Ye-Bin as Lee Byeong Sook – fat young sister.
  • Jung Geun as Gong Il-Sam  – Miss Jo’s ex-bf and an ex-con

Ye-eun is the younger sister married for seven years to Jin-Seop, who is having an affair with his personal assistant, Hwa-young (Miss Jo).

Sang-eun is the older sister who got into so much debt. In desperation entered into a contract marriage with a prosperous plastic surgeon, Jae-woong, who is not interested with a traditional marriage but just to give a mother figure to his beloved daughter.

In the background at the moment is a young good-looking man by the name of Hyung-joo (Handsome Jobless), who met Ye-eun by accident and taken her to the hospital.  He found Ye-eun rather interesting.

The real fun began (episode 10) during the wedding of Sang-eun and Jae-woong.  Hwa-young gave Jin Seop a final warning of not attending his sister-in-law’s wedding or else all hell will break loose. But Jin Seop attended anyway as he is expected to walk the bride down the aisle.

Hwa-young was a feisty woman, who refused to be thwarted.  So she sent a couple of selfies of her and Jin Seop in bed together to Ye-eun.

At this same moment, Hyung-joo, who happened to be a good friend of the groom spied Ye-eun in the bridal welcoming party.  As he approached her, Ye-eun just walked passed him in a rather agitated mood that Hyung-joo fallowed her.  There he witnessed Ye-eun’s husband confessing his love to his mistress, while Ye-eun was catatonic with shock in a nearby wall.

OMG, this drama is actually quite addictive once you get into it.

Episode 26:

I have been reading comments on the site where I watch this drama and they are really hilarious.  Most of them are saying that they are going to stop watching because Ye-eun (YE) is so stupid hanging on to her stupid good for nothing husband.   But these viewers are still there with me watching five days a week, every weekdays. 🙂 🙂 😉  And probably avidly wait for every episodes of the rest of the 120.  LOL

The comments are something to look forward to as much as the addictive drama itself.

I can understand their feelings because I think it too but then again, it was also fun watching everyone in the drama squirming in an old cliche situation.  And the chemistry between erring husband Jin-seop and YE is actually on the boil.

There is another man, the handsome jobless (he is not actually jobless, in fact he is the CEO of TShampoo), in the background who is subconsciously attracted to YE.  But the chemistry between YE and husband is really strong.

The ongoing one-upmanship between YE and Miss Jo, the mistress is bizarrely enjoyable to watch.  Miss Jo is a caricature of evilness.

Anyway at this episode, YE decided to have a break from the house because her sister-in-law is adding to her stress.  After she scolded her sister-in-law which was heard by mother-in-law, she was told to leave.  So YE did.  But come dinnertime, they wanted her back.

Miss Jo learned that YE left and took the opportunity to go over the family house and do the cooking.  Everyone noticed that she can’t really cook but they all said that she did well. They don’t want to upset her. Miss Jo bandied about the idea that she comes from a rich family, who are based abroad and they would be likely to invest in Jin-seop business.

(I think there is no rich family in the background.  Miss Jo would run the business into the ground, the way she was spending and bribing everyone from the company account.)

Jin-seop begged YE to come back because he is scared of the consequences of his adultery from his mother and employees of the company; the company that YE helped build.

Ep 27


This is such a slapstick comedy.  This episode is YE’s without a doubt.  She is the hands-down victor.  After Miss Jo insinuated that she did the dirty with Jin seop in YE’s bedroom, YE retaliated by going to Miss Jo’s apartment to cause mayhem.  Hilarious.

They are a bunch of good actor.  I just don’t know what is the point of the woman with the bad hair-do with insane rap/hip-hop pretensions.  I supposed she’s there and her children to bump up time for a 120 episodes.

Ep 28 – 29

Ep 28 is lacklustre.

As to episode 29, the mother-in-law finally found out about son’s affair.  Though she was at first shocked that her son is just like her two timing husband, she finally ordered YE to give Jin Seop a divorce.

Miss Jo enticed the mother-in-law with a prospect of a grandson, which YE can’t give Jin Seop after 7 years of marriage.  To top it all, Miss Jo’s father threatened Jin Seop that he wlll ruin his company.

I think Miss Jo hired professional actors to play her parents.

Poor YE.  But all the initiating forces of a happier time for YE is slowly coming together.  Handsome Jobless is the CEO of TShampoo and again and again YE is shown creating her homemade shampoo. Yey

A for a bit schadenfreude for YE one day, Miss Jo will go through the company money in no time and Jin Seop will go bankrupt.

Episode 32-33

Actually this drama is becoming tedious especially with the introduction of a new horrid character of the ex-boyfriend of Miss Jo who was just released from prison but causing boring mayhem.

I think the scriptwriters should start thinking of divorce for poor YE and be done with it.  Let her start living for herself.  And also the director should tell Han Young playing Yoon Sang-eun to act better.  Her trying to be cute is off putting. Sang-eun must be almost 40.

Episode 34

The last 5 minutes of this episode is the most hilarious and most satisfying yet.  Da Hong found out that YE is being cheated on by Jin Seop with his secretary.  She went to the office and let hell loose.  Sang-Eun also joined in in beating up Jin Seop and Miss Jo.

Episode 36

Once again after another fraught confrontation, YE went to her favourite park bench where Hyung Joo (handsome jobless) found her.  He advised that she has to end her current situation and go for divorce.  He was very motivational.  He said:

The best revenge to those who betrayed you (in love) is to forget them as soon as you break up, don’t cling.

Divorce is a choice not a failure.

Breaking up with someone doesn’t mean you get abandoned.  It is just a new start.

With these food for thoughts, At last YE had decided to divorce Jin Seop but there is a condition.

Episode 37-39

The condition was that the monter-mother-in-law had to get divorced first.

Miss Jo is pregnant.

Episode 40

Yey, perfect end for this week, YE is finally divorced from Jin Seop, but I must say they really do have chemistry.  YE punching his face and kicking him on the shin was really very satisfying.  🙂 Good way to say good-bye to the past.

BTW:  The interaction between Byeong-Suk (Jin-Seop youngest sister)  and Il Sam (Miss Jo’s ex and an ex-con) was rather sweet.  I bet they’ll end up together.  Byeong Suk is the best of the lot.

Episode 41 – 44

YE is finally divorced and quite contented with her new beginning.

Miss Jo is now married to Jin Seop and creating havoc in the household.  She is using her pregnancy to boss everybody around.  She is doing a good job.

Monster-mother-in-law is getting her comeuppance for treating YE so horrendously.  Miss Jo is working her like a maid.

The cunning Miss Jo is also busy milking the finances of the company.( Jin Seop might end up in jail for fraud, I reckon.)

YE and Hyung Joo’s (HJ) friendship is heating up.

HJ accidentally found out the extent of Miss Jo’s trickery and has become even more protective of YE. (lucky woman)

#44 was hilarious and satisfying.  Miss Jo’s slapping of Se Ran was so good.  Jin Seop also got a taste of Miss Jo’s wickedness by having a handful of bean paste slapped on his face by Miss Jo after she heard Jin Seop saying that he misses YE red bean stew.  🙂

Episode 45

HJ was about to confess who he really was to YE but got interrupted by their respective parents until the moment for heart to heart was gone.

Da Hong entered the shampoo competition and won.  However, she was not the one who created the winning shampoo but YE.

HJ hired a lawyer for YE to deal with her alimony.  JIn Seop called YE to harass her about the lawyer.  There is a bit of continuity of errors here.  YE bought a new phone as a celebration of her new single life.  She got rid of her old phone and old number.  How did Jin Seop know her new number?  Does it mean she wasted her money for a new phone?  I must admit this scene was niggling me.

Episode 46 -50

YE got her alimony money at last.  Miss Jo (Hwa Young) has discovered that HJ is the heir to TMO Group. She has now making her mission to prevent YE to be cinderella, having a happily ever after with her prince charming.

HY also managed to convince her mother in law to give her bank account and stamp so HY can give her shares from the company.

I have to say, the story is becoming tedious with only a few characters who are likeable.

Why is YE continues be downtrodden?  Why doesn’t she help herself?

Why is SE becoming more annoying with her childish behaviour when she is obviously an adjumma.  It is really unattractive.  Why doesn’t she find something constructive to do like teaching music again, instead of wasting her time with another man.  She is so horny.  She is such a silly idiotic woman.

By the way, the mother of YE and SE is so lovely to look at.  Why aren’t her daughters look like her?  🙂

Also children are supposed to be cute in dramas.  Soo Ji and Soo Chan were cute at first but there are overacting.  Shame on the writers for not giving these two talented youngsters a better script.

To be fair, Choi Jin-hee is adorable.

The only cute thing is the story at the moment is the fat sister having a lovely friendship with her kickboxing instructor.

I am beginning to fast forward the drama once again and just watching bits here and there.  38 minutes for just 7 minutes.  LOL

Please stop the wickedness or at least do not concentrate on the wickedness of Hwa Young.  Start YE to be happy and let SE gets her rodgering from her contract husband so she stops her whining and pouting.  LOL

Episodes 51- 53

The Winter Olympics 2018, which is being held in South Korea has impacted on the scheduling of this daily daytime drama.

For all it is worth, HY is becoming more wicked and YE and the rest are just taking it in.  Even HJ is ineffectual. SE is still a useless, immature wife, who might embark on an affair. Poor Jin Seop is a battered husband.

Episode 53 ended with Jin Seop and his ‘rich’ father-in-law accidentally meeting in a men’s toilet.  Will Jin Seop find out about the fake father-in-law?

Episode 54-58

As this drama unfolds, I am wondering why it is called Happy Sisters because they are more like the Annoying Demented Sisters.

For adjummas, they are both so immature and self-centered.

Anyway, it turned out that Hwa Young is having twins, therefore despite her evil streaks, she is feted by the family.

YE is now working at TMG corp.  It was a rocky start, having found out that the CEO was none other than HJ (handsome jobless).

Episode 59 – 60

Halfway to the whole series, which is actually about how evil is Hwa Young.  This drama is all about her.  She is the leading character.

But is she it not, can the writers please retire her a least a few episodes.

It is so ridiculous.  It was Se Ran’s first day at the TMO Group and she got into fight with YE.  What do you know?  Hwa Young went into the office and pulled YE’s hair.

Writers, come on?  There is no real reason for this.  Hwa Young might be a psycho but she knows, you can’t just go into an office and assault someone.

BTW, SE got her much awaited shag with her contract husband after a drunken night together.  The next morning, they both behaved like scalded virgins!  LOL

Episode 61 –

The story is really tedious because it is really going round and round in circle around Hwa Young’s little finger.

The only thing that is cute in this drama is the budding romance between Byeong Suk and Il Sam.  Sam was so tender towards Byeong Suk and she to him and he notices it.  Sweet.

Episodes 62 – 68

Hwa Young’s has been found out that she was not pregnant.  Se Ran overheard  Hwa Young’s connivance with her doctor about their scheme of fake pregnancy.

Se Ran, you would think would now get the upperhand, wouldn’t you?  No instead Hwa Young kidnapped her and threatened her with bodily harm so Se Ran once again let another opportunity to tell her family how fake Hwa Young was.

Hwa Young, being throughly evil, used one stone to kill several birds:  She purposely threw herself on the stairs in front of YE, to blame YE for her fall and the ‘miscarriage’ of her twins.

I bet after all these evil doings of Hwa Young, she will end up forgiven towards the end of this drama. 🙁

Episodes 69 – 70

I just watched the last 5 minutes of the drama as I can’t really stomach all the nastiness and the stupidity.  The last five minutes also shows preview for the the next episode.

Hwa Young is still queening it and I am beginning to get annoyed with Min Hyung Joo.  Why did he not reveal how fake Hwa Young immediately before she created more havoc?  Why did he not tell security not to let Hwa Young into the building without appointment?  Don’t they have CCTV inside the building to check what happened?

Nope there is no CCTV.

In episode 70, Il Sam found out that Hwa Young was never pregnant for the reason that the doctor made her to be sterile in the past.  The conversation between Ill Sam and the doctor was overheard by Hyung Joo.

Poor deluded Jin Seop, he signed out all his assets to Hwa Young.





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