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Miss Hammurabi (KDrama) Review & Summary

Miss Hammurabi poster

Miss Hammurabi (Miseu Hammurabi) is based on a novel by Moon Yoo-Seok, who is the scriptwriter for this drama.

  • Genre: Legal, Romance
  • Date Released: 21 May 2018 – 10 July 2018
  • KDrama: 16 Episodes


  • Go Ara as Park cha Oh-reum
  • Kim Myung-soo (L) as Im Ba-reun
  • Sung Dong-il as Han Se-sang
  • Ryu Deok-hwan as Jung Bo-wang
  • Lee Elijah as Lee Do-yeon (super efficient office Manager)
  • Lee Tae-sung as Min Yong-joon

Parkcha Oh-Reum is in her mid-20s, a rookie judge, who is passionate and idealistic.

She is also a rabid feminist.

I supposed the title Miss Hammurabi pertains to Park Cha Oh-reum particular brand of justice for all.

Hammurabi was a Babylonian king, who in his lifetime, created a set of codes that the people in his growing empire must abide to.

Miss Hammurabi (KDrama) Review & Summary


I love it and I hate some parts of it.

I love all the scenes with L,  he is stunning to look at :); he carries a suit pretty well.  His acting is also good.  There is poignancy in his looks as he comes to terms how the world we lived in is not perfect and to live with it and try not to contribute to its further corruption.

I heard this drama was pre-produced; it means all the episodes have been made.  It is, therefore, too late to make adjustments here and there.

Anyway, Im Ba Reum is a super-intelligent guy who has a slight anti-social tendencies.  He doesn’t pander to anyone, thus he comes across as rather arrogant.

He’s from a poor background; his father got dismissed from his job without much notice, hence the father turned to drink and the little money they had, we would lend to friends when he was drunk.

His mother supports the family by selling insurance and everything else.  But her income was not enough to keep the creditors at bay, including their landlady who told them to pay their rent and gave notice that there will also be an increase.

I personally thought that as a judge, even when he is only a young one, will bring in a lot of income.  Apparently not.  The real money is in being a lawyer.

Anyway, Im Ba Reum would have had the high income if he wanted to but at his young age, he is still very idealistic.  He abhors corruptions and doesn’t want to be part of it.

When he was in high school, though he was handsome and mega-intelligent, he was not a popular kid.  He did not go for every girl that came his way.

But there was a girl in his book club that he liked.  That girl was Park Cha Oh-Reum.  She was into piano playing.  He liked her but he was from a poor background while she was chauffeur driven to school.

Twelve years on…

They met again as colleagues, both on their first day.

Im Ba Reum was a transferee from another district court.

Park Cha Oh Reum was a newbie judge.  But apparently even more brilliant than Im Ba Reum.  She home-schooled herself and then took the bar and topped it in her region.

I quite like the girl, Park Cha oh-reum, to start with but she start grating on my nerves after a while.  Her ultra feminism is rather off-putting (I am saying this as a woman my self).  She is all for strong women and yet over emotional the next.  You cannot have it both ways, not on both extremes anyway.  The middle ground is always the best, strong, compassionate and yet logical.

I hope her character improves in the next episodes and tone down her so ‘in your face’ brand of hysterical feminism.

This drama is getting more interesting with different cases being judged.

Some scenes are rather uncomfortably maudlin.  There was that case of a young man, who was mentally incapable, who was accidentally singed in the face with a metal grill in a restaurant.  The singe did not leave a mark physically but it left him emotionally disturbed.

The owner of the restaurant was ex-marine and he ended up crying in court, the judges ended up crying in court, the security guards ended up crying, the people watching the proceeding inside the court ended up crying as well.  The entire courtroom was flooded with tears.

I felt like crying myself because what I was watching was too stupidly sentimental. It’s naff.  It’s so out of character. This drama, if not careful, will die by its own hand from over sentimentality.

There was also that case of another judge who was a female.  (The judges work in groups of three, comprising of a right judge who sits on the right, the chief judge who sits in the middle and the left judge who sits on the left)

Anyway the chief judge in this group was very ambitious, though he was not one of those brilliant judges who topped the bar or passed it the first time.  He is one who work diligently.  His ascent to the chief judge position was mainly due to his kiss-assing and riding on the back of his junior judges.

He work them like a horse.  He delegated much of his work to them and get abusive when he doesn’t get what he wanted.

Anyway his left judge, a female, was so frightened to reveal to him that she was on her stage of pregnancy.  She was working too hard but getting her work done below par and she was abused for it.  She was contemplating jumping off the building one day but Park Cha On Reum just happened to materialise.  Due to the woman’s level of stress, she miscarried her baby and was obviously desolate.

Park Cha On Reum made it her mission to gather signatures to expel the woman’s chief judge.

Here is what I find ridiculous, Park cha On reum gets involved with everything, every unpolitically correct instances.  If there is an issue, she was there sniffing.  She was friendly towards everybody, including the cleaners.  She was often seen having coffees with them.

How can she have the time?  The female judge is almost killing herself with overwork. Even Im Im Ba-Reum was work too hard. While Park Cha On Reum has too much time involving herself with every issue that’s going?!!!

And I find her annoying!

Thank goodness for Im Ba-Reum!

Lawless Lawyers (KDrama) Review & Summary

Lawless Lawyers poster

Genre: Legal, Thriller, Romance

Date Released: 12 May 2018 – 1 July 2018

KDrama: 16 Episodes


  • Lee Joon-Gi as Bong Sang-pil
  • Seo Ye-jin as Ha Jae-yi
  • Lee Hye-young as Cha Moon-sook
  • Choi Min-soo as Ahn Oh-joo
  • Yum Hye-ran as Nam Soon-ja
  • Shin Eun-jung as Choi Jin-ae
  • Ahn Nae-sang as Choi Dae-woong
  • Lee Han-wi as Ha Ki-ho
  • Lee Dae-yeon as Woo Hyung-man
  • Cha Jung-won as Kang Yeon-hee



Lawless Lawyers (KDrama) Review & Summary

Apparently this is a story about a young maverick lawyer who has a rather murky past.  He used to be a gangster but in order to avenge his mother, he now uses the law and its many loopholes to his advantage.  He is not even averse to using his fist when needed.

Sounds really interesting and with Lee Joon-gi, this should be a winner.

Episode 1 -2

The first episode is a background to the lawless lawyer that is Bong Sang-pil.

When Bong Sang-pil was a little boy, he and his mother used to lived in Ginsung.  His mother was a lawyer and she wanted for him to follow her vocation to being able to get justice for people using law.

She was quite proud of her career.  She carved Bong Sang-pil’s name into a desk in her office and make the boy promised to become a lawyer one day.

One rainy evening he went to visit his mother to her office.  She was very agitated as if expecting someone to come after her.

She helped her son to hide when she realised that people were coming to get her.  She also gave him a photo of her with a man.  She instructed him to go to the man if something happens to her.

The band of syndicate wanted the SD card!

She declined to give the sd card.  Unfortunately, the meany gang boss noticed that someone else was in the office.  He knew it was her son.  They tried to harass her that the boy fearing for his mother’s safety came out from where he was hiding.

They threatened to kill the boy so his mother had no choice but to give in a surrender the SD card.

Young Bong Sang Pil was a clever boy, he saw the card and swallowed it.  Unfortunately this got his mother killed.

But before she died, she helped him scape the building.

He went to find the man in the picture.  He was a gangster.

Bong Sang pil was thirsty for a vengeance.  He begged his new found ‘uncle’ to teach him martial arts.  But his uncle said that he should become a lawyer just like what his mother wanted him to be.

Present day:

Ha Jae Yi is a lawyer.  Unfortunately during one of a case about domestic violence turned to murder, the judge in charge was a misogynist.  He gave Ha Jae Yi’s client a 20 years prison sentence, much more than the one recommended by the public prosecutor.

When Jae Yi questioned the judge, he told her that her client deserved what she got and started prodding her.  Jae Yi got so annoyed she beat up the judge.  She was suspended from practising law for six months.  No job and no money, she went back home to Ginsung.

Bong Sang Pil is all grown up. He had become a very successful as a lawyer in Seoul.  He thought it was time to go back to Ginsung and start his vendetta.

Jae Yi ended up working for Sang Pil as his office manager.

This drama is watchable.  Both leads are good-looking and you warm up to them immediately.  There is also great chemistry between them.

It seems the hiring of Jae Yi’s hiring is not at all accidental.

The second episode, further delved into the past of Sang Pil.

Jae Yi has a commonality with Bong Sang Pil.

Back when Bong Sang Pil was escaping from the hoodlum that killed his mother when he was a little boy, there was a little girl who was waiting back home for her mother to return after buying her a harmonica for school.

The little girl was Jae Yi and her mother never returned.  To this day, she and her father are still hoping that the mother will return.

But Jae Yi’s mother died saving Bong Sang PIl from the hoods.

As he Bong Sang Pil grew up, he had been watching over Jae Yi.




My Ahjussi (My Mister) KDrama Review & Summary

TvN poster for (Na-ui ajeossi) My Mister

My Ahjussi (My Mister) KDrama Review & Summary

Genre: Drama, Family, Romance

Date Released: March 2018


  • IU as Lee Ji An
  • Lee Sun-kyun as Park Dong-hoon (Middle Brother)
  • Park Ho-san as Park Sang-hoon (Eldest Brother)Song
  • Sae-byuk as Park Ki-hoon (Youngest Brother)
  • Jang Ki-yong as Lee Kwang-il (Handsome 🙂 Loan Shark)


I don’t think I could continue watching this drama. It is so depressing.

So far in the first half hour of the first episode,  Lee Ji An, superb acting by IU, is temping as an admin in an architectural company.  She is dirt poor as she shoulders the care of an ailing grandmother and paying off a loan shark.

Aside from her temporary job, she also works at night in a restaurant washing dishes.  The leftovers from half-eaten food on dirty plates, which she surreptitiously put away,  serve as her dinner when she gets home after her shift.  She then drink coffee made from sachets she pilfered at her temporary job.

If this is not depressing enough, add three middle age brothers to the equation.  The brothers are each undergoing a some sort of middle life crisis.

The eldest, Park Sang Hoon, has the saddest situation.  He was made redundant due to company restructuring.  He lost all his money in failed start-up businesses.  His wife and daughter had left him.  He cannot even afford to buy himself a suit for his daughter’s wedding.  Thank goodness for middle brother.

Middle brother is the most prosperous amongst these three.  Apparently he earns 1000 Won per minute, (I googled this princely sum and it is equivalent to 0.65pence or 0.92 US Dollar).  The company he works for has his junior (someone younger than him from the same university) as his CEO.

The youngest brother is a film director but has not had a film to show for in a long time, a very long time.

Well writing the synopsis of this drama makes it sounds interesting so I might have to persevere.

I persevered and all I can say is that it is all so worth it.  The drama is actually excellent.  It is very down to earth.

I have forgotten how charismatic Lee Sun Kyun was.  I remember now how much I love him in Pasta.

Anyway, Park Dong Hoon (lee Sun Kyun) has so much in his plate lately. Not only that his wife is sleeping with the CEO in his company but rather complicit in having him sacked so that she can divorce him and then get together with the CEO and minimise the gossip if he wasn’t there in the office anymore.

IU’s Ji An is rather scary.  She can change the course of a person’s life with her machination.  But how can she not changed her own life though?

Ji An is currently working for the enemy, the CEO, but lately she is developing some tenderness for Park Dong Hoon.  But then again he was always all goodness to her and respectful of her despite her lowly position in the company.

The other two brothers’ fortunes are improving as well.  They have started their own cleaning company and they work hard at it.

What happened to Jang Ki yong?  He was so adorable as Nam Gil in Go Back Couple.  But in his role as a loan shark in this drama, he is the opposite.  He is a violent thug, still gorgeous though.

I say this drama is in my top two of Kdramas for 2018.  The first, of course, was Misty.

The youngest brother, who used to be a wonder boy film director, had been saddled with ‘straightening’ out a young actress’ psyche.  Apparently during the filming of his only commercial  movie, the rising young actress was so traumatised by the director that she can’t do any dramas in front of the camera anymore.

The eldest brother is obsessed with his mother’s death (no she is not dead).  He worries that not many will attend her funeral, if she dies. Time and again he would bring up this morbid fascination of his mother’s demise. 🙁

Park Dong is being touted as a new director for his company.  Deep down, he doesn’t really want to become as a paper pusher- lunching executive.  He wanted to be on hand with the project but everyone is pushing him towards the directorship.

He then found out that CEO , his junior, is sleeping  with his wife.

He warned the CEO to stop what he was doing or hell will break loose.

Behind all this Lee Ji An is deeply entrenched with all the goings on.  She put a listening device on Park Dong’s phone.  She can hear everything.  She can hear him walking.  She can hear him talking.  She can hear him walking.  She can hear him breathing.  She is beginning to know him as much as she knows herself.

Park Dong just found out more of Lee Jin An’s background. That she paid for her mother’s mountain of debts when she did not really have to.  She has unknowingly footing the bill for her grandmother’s hospital bills when did not have too.

Everything is now out in the open.  Park Dong’s wife knew that he knew that she had an affair with the CEO.  She apologised to Park Dong but ultimately she intimated that it was his fault.  He drove her into the CEO’s arms.

She felt that she was low down in Park Dong’s order of priorities.  His mother and brothers always come first and then their son.

She tried to do something about it by asking him to move farther away from his family but he was having none of it.

The CEO, on the other hand, listened to her and cossetted her. She did hear a recording of the CEO saying that the best mistresses are the married ones as they won’t complain or cause scenes and you don’t have to marry them.

Ji An had planted a listening bug on Park Dong’s mobile phone.  She listened to him constantly and his caring personality began to get to her.

She developed feelings for him.

Park Dong has also started caring for Ji An but it is more of a platonic older man to a younger subordinate.  He just can’t let himself take advantage of her.

The finale is one and a half hours long.

It was so clever how the ending was filmed.  Throughout the whole drama, the filming is like done with a the camera lens rubbed in a little vaseline to make it more atmospherically dark as how the drama was.

Towards the end, the characters are happy, they are having closures to their problems and concerns in life and therefore the whole ambience had visibly brighten.

The pub landlady who had waited for her fiance to come back, finally realised that he will never come back as he had really made his choice of becoming a Buddhist monk.

Ji An’s mute and deaf grandma passed away.  It was very sad and IU’s acting was spot on.  She showed such vulnerability.  The funeral was good.  Park Sang Hoon arranged that the funeral and everything goes well.  Beautiful flower arrangements were everywhere, paid by him.  He had always worried that if their mother dies, not much flowers will be on show.

BTW men wearing suit and tie, while playing football, are rather sexy!  🙂

Ji An’s and her friend surrendered to the police accompanied by Park Dong’s wife.

Lee Kwang Il came through for Ji An.  He took all the recordings made by Ji An before the police/people under Do Joong Young’s pocket.  He then posted the lot to Park Dong.

I am so glad Lee Kwang II was not an all out and out bad.  Something in him was touched by the recordings especially when Ji An did say that he was not always bad.   He used to look after her. But she killed his dad, though self defence.

Despite this she is like a family to him, he might beat her up once in a while but he somehow looks after her from afar.

Do Joon Young was now finished in the company and he will end up in prison.

The chairman was so touched with Ji An that he recommended her to work full time in Busan.

Before she left she asked Park dong if she can have a hug.

Finally she got her hug from Park Dong;  that was a tender moment.

Park Dong’s wife left for abroad to visit their son as well as to find a school for her for further study.

Park Dong finally had his breakdown.  He feels his wife’s adultery, he feels alone and lonely.  His wife left, and young caring Ji An was gone as well.

The eldest brother reconciled with his wife.

At long last Park Ki-hon broke up with his flaky, nervy actress girlfriend.  He has also started writing again.

Park Dong left Saman E&C and started his own company, which seems very successful.  And it seems he is still with his wife.

They met again, Park Dong and Ji Ah.  They were glad to see one another again.

Ji An said that she would like to buy him a delicious meal one day.  He happily agreed.  Lee Sun-kyun was just gorgeously masculine.  Such a good actor.

Ji An’s grandma’s advice to her!

Repay people of their kindness by living a happy life!




That Man Oh Soo (Kdrama Review & Summary)

That Man Oh Soo (Kdrama Review & Summary)

That Man Oh Soo poster by OCN

  • Genre: Romance, Supernatural
  • Release Date: March 2018
  • Network:  OCN


  • Lee Jong Hyun as Oh Soo
  • Kim So-Eun as Seo Yoo-ri
  • Kang Tae-oh as Kim Jin-Woo
  • Heo Jeong-Min as Oh Ga-Na
  • Park Na-Ye – Seo Soo-Jung
  • Park Geun-Hyung as Oh Man-Soo

This drama is starring Lee Jong Hyun of CNBlue, a pop rock South Korean band and the adorable Kim So-Eun.

The story is about a couple in their 20s who have different takes on love.

Episode 1

Seo Yoo-ri played by Kim So-eun had been dating her boyfriend for the last three years.  They made a pact that on their third anniversary he was going to propose to her.

Came that date, she excitedly met him in a cafe/restaurant.

That cafe restaurant is owned by Oh Soo’s family.

This restaurant is rather special.

Oh Soo is the heir to a supernatural ability of making lovers be together if were really in love or separate if not true love.  This cupid-like talent comes from the coffees with added pollens gathered from an ancient tree which grew in the courtyard of their family house.

The heirs of with the magical ability have this tree tattooed on their body.  If the succeeding heir declines to continue on running the restaurant, the tree would die together with the current heir, who was old Oh Man Soo, the grandfather.

Oh Soo is still not sure whether he wanted to run the restaurant as he is a rising star in the IT,

Anyway, he was the barrista when Yoo-ri was there during her date with her boyfriend.  They ordered their coffee.

Yoo-ri felt underwhelmed with the date as she was hoping that her boyfriend would have prepared more for the proposal.  Instead she had to remind him about the ‘day’.

The boyfriend was all apologies at first, until he had a sip of his coffee.  He then blurted out that he wanted to break up.

Yoo-ri was so upset that she went drinking.  She then try haphazardly to go home.

Oh Soo saw her in such a sorry state that he took her into the restaurant.

She mistakenly drank a cup of coffee that had the special pollens which were meant for another customer.

She then kissed Oh Soo.

Somehow she ended up in the hospital, where she met the boy, a childhood friend, who was so happy to see her and had been looking for her.

Episode 2

Oh Soo was a rising IT engineer but the grandfather said that he had to make his mind up whether to be a full time It guy or be a barista and restauranteur.

O Soo noticed that the tree-like tattoo on his chest is changing, fading.  He was on his way to Australia for a meeting when his grandfather disappeared.  He then cancelled his trip at the very last minute and stumbled towards their house but he fainted on the way.

Yoo-ri, who was on the beat, saw a man lying on the street.

It is now nearing  the end for the drama and yet more complications are arising.

Oh Soo just found out that Yoo-ri drank the coffee which he added a dash of love pollen to (see above summary).  Oh Soo was so upset because he remembered his father telling him fervently not to make a pollen flavoured drink for the one he loves.  That love one will die.

To prevent Yoo-ri from dying he will now have to break up with her and break his heart in the process.  That will for next week.



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