The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love (Chinese Drama) Review

His Excellency’s First Love poster

This drama is also called Moonshine and Valentine.

Genre: Romance, ET, Historical

Date Released: 2018

CDrama: 24 Episodes


  • Victoria Song as Hua Lan /Guan Pi PiShan
  •  Huang Jing Yu as Helan Jingting
  • Xu Kai Cheng as Tao Jialin (PiPi’s boyfriend)
  • Liu Yongxi as Xin Xiaoju (Cafe Owner)
  • Xu Fangyi as Tian Xin (PiPi’ friend in love with Jialin)
  • Lin Shen as Xiu Xian (plastic surgeon )
  • Li Yongming as Zhao Kwanyong (plastic surgeon)
  • Jiang Qi Lin as Zhao Song
  • Zhang Baijia as Tushan Qianhua (Pure fox girl devoted to Helan)
  • Yang Kaidi as Su Mei
  • Yang Zi Shan as Princess Xi Yan
  • Xu Que as Qing Mu (Chief Priest)

The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love (Chinese Drama) Review

The drama is a love story that lasts several lifetimes. He Lan comes from the fox clan, which originated from a planet from another galaxy which was much like Earth.  Through evolution the aliens, fox clan, started to acquire human form, until they are perfect specimen of eye candy. 🙂

Episode 1

During the Tang Dynasty (not sure which dynasty really) a girl who was still a minor was ‘bought’ from her parents to marry a blind boy from a rich family.

I think much of the story started from this initial meeting of the lovers.

I read somewhere that the girl had to sacrifice herself in order for the boy to have perfect sight at night.

At the present day, PiPi has a boyfriend who is gorgeous and extremely able with his education.  While PiPi is interning, her boyfriend in going to America for further studies.

PiPi is currently having some self-esteem issues.  She feels that she is not good enough for her perfect boyfriend.

HeLan on the other hand had just found her in this lifetime and he would never let her go.

Their first meeting was eventful but not in the usual way where they fall in love at first sight.  In fact PiPi handed some change to the blind Helan thinking he was a beggar. 🙂

Episode 2

It was Jialin’s birthday and PiPi was trying to buy him a shirt.  She did not really know his size but then realised that she can’t afford the shirt anyway.

PI PI was helped out in getting the right size by a man who turned out to be He Lan.

When she told him that she was buying it for her boyfriend, He Lan bought all the shirts.  PiPI run after him and accidentally dislodged his sun glasses.  She stared at his opaque irises, which was dangerous for her.

He Lan sent his minions to give an apple, which is lightly drenched with his blood, to PiPI, who he said would be feeling unwell due to having looked at his eyes.

Right on cue, PiPi was vomiting in the office.  Despite feeling unwell she continued on with her task as an intern journalist.  She turned down the apple as she hates the fruit.

PiPi went to her boyfriend’s house for his birthday celebration with only a red bean preserve as a present, which he was rather dismissive about.

Also attending was their good friend, Tian Xin.

You can see that Tian Xin and Jia Lin are becoming more than friends.

Episode 3

Pi Pi was tasked to take photos of the mysterious Jade expert, He Lan.  She was waiting for him surreptitiously, when he found her hanging on his fence.

She started having a nose bleed and he carried her in and fed her a small slice of an apple.  Within minutes she was like a new woman.

Episode 4

He Lan gave PiPi a VIP invitation for the following night’s auction.  He said if she attends, she can interview him.

No brainer really, so she attended and ended up bidding so much money for an orb necklace, on behalf of He Lan, which was then given to her by him as a memento, which has something to do with what happened a long time ago.

Episode 5

PiPi’s boyfriend is stalking her friend, Tian Xin.  He wanted to cheat on PiPi with her friend.  To start with Tian Xin did try to resist Jia Lin.  But Jia Lin is not taking no for an answer.

He told Tian Xin that he will book a table in a restaurant and will wait for her at whatever time.

PiPi met up with He Lan in a posh restaurant to interview him.  He ordered a lot of food for PiPi alone as he said he was a fox and doesn’t eat human food.

PiPi was going along with his ‘nonsense’ at first but got tired of it.  He Lan further said that he only eat flowers, from the unfertilised plants (organic flowers)  He also mentioned that others from his fox clan eat liver, human liver.

PiPi said she was ending the nonsense, weird interview.  She got up and He Lan followed her.  He said that he can prove that he’s not human.  He put her head next to his heart.  His heart is beating so slowly at 1 beat per 10 seconds.

Unbeknown to PiPi, Tian Xin was also at the restaurant and saw her with He Lan in which looked like and embrace.

Episode 6

Jia Lin was still waiting at the restaurant for Tian Xin.  He was told  by the waiting staff that he had to leave at it was closing time.  He then saw Tian Xin in front of him and this will be the start of their affair.

The next day, Jia Lin went to look for Pipi at her work.

Thinking that he was He Lan, she run off from him.

They all ended up at a club.  Jia Lin was just about to speak with PiPi when Tian Xin took him away, presumably to tell him that it was not the right time to tell Pipi about them.

Episode 7

We find out the the 900 years old He Lan is in fact a hybrid.  His mother was human and father was an alien fox.

His weirdness has spooked Pipi.  So she researched what repel a fox.

She found out it was realgar.  She got some and invited He Lan to lunch.

Of course He Lan new all bout the realgar that PiPi had gotten.  And to make a point he dipped his finger into the pocket of realgar, which as a corrosive effect on his skin.

PiPi was shocked saying that she doesn’t really understand what is his motive and she wanted the orb necklace removed from her neck.

Without much ado, He Lan removed the necklace and left her in the restaurant.

Episode 8

PiPi resigned from her job so that she could concentrate in learning English.  She wanted to go to America with Jia Lin.  Jia Lin, however, has other plan.  He wanted Tian Xin to go with him.

He Lan is very upset.  He was looking at the orb necklace and then put it away.  Does it mean he has given up on PiPI?

Episode 9

PiPi almost became a victim of ‘date rape’.

She was so upset because she finally found out that her best friend and boyfriend are doing the dirty on her.  She found them having a cozy lunch together.  Jia Lin said to PiPi that it was not Tian Xin the reason why they needed to break up.  He just not into PiPI anymore.

Heartbroken, PiPi ended up in a bar drinking herself silly, until an evil opportunities drug a drink which he then gave to her.  She willingly drank it.  He took advantage of her ‘drunkenness’ and took her away from the bar.

He was just about to assault her when Helan appeared and beat up the man.

Episode 16 

This episode is a hectic one.

PiPi got jealous when she found several paintings of Hua Lan done by He Lan.  She can’t accept that she’s the re-incarnation of Hua Lan.

Helan back story is very sad and rather gruesome.

900 years ago, Helan was born from a fox and human union, which is strictly prohibited.  Thus Helan was born blind.

When he was in his teens, an innocent girl was procured as his young bride.  Eventually they really fell in love with each other.

On He Lan’s 17th birthday, which happens to be a full moon and it was the time of Yang, coming of age was celebrated with a drink of soup.

Suddenly he can see.

He was all happy.  He then asked where Hua Lan was.  He was told to forget about her, that he will never see her again.  She was just medicine to him.

It then click on him what they meant about medicine.  They took out Hua Lan’s liver to amke the soup for him.

This incident upset HeLan so much, he left and lived on his own.

Episode 17

Princess Xi Yan, it was revealed as the mother of Helan.  Helan is indeed half-human with a human father.

Qing Mu, the chief priest, adopted him as his own son for the sake of Xi Yan, who loves.  But as a fox tradition, he left the blind baby in the forest to fend for himself.  If he survives, he is a worthy cub.


Episode 18

PiPi went into a mystical place, where she saw the young Hua Lan and her Doppelganger.  Despite this she remained distant to HeLan, who did everything he could to win her affection.

But her heart finally melted with his persistence.

She told him that she loves him but she finds it unfair that he has many memories of her over the long 900 years,  While she can’t remember those things.  She is also concerned that He Lan doesn’t love her as her now more than her past selves.

He Lan then asked her to marry him.  Awww




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