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My Husband, Oh Jak Doo (South Korean Drama Review & Summary)

My Husband Oh Jak Doo poster

My Husband, Oh Jak Doo (South Korean Drama Review & Summary)

Genre: Romance, Family, Crime

Date Released:  March 2018

No of Episodes: 24


  • Kim Kang-woo as Oh Jak-doo
  • Uee as Han Seung-joo
  • Jung Sang-hoon as Eric Jo
  • Han Sun-hwa as Jang Eun-jo
  • Han Sang-jin as Bang Yong-min
  • Park Jung-soo as Park Jung-ok
  • Seol Jung-hwan as Han Seung-tae
  • Park Min-ji as Kwon Se-mi
  • Jung Chan as Hong In-pyo
  • Jung Soo-young as Park Kyung-sook
  • Kim Bo-mi as Bang Jung-mi


It is a cute drama that does grow on you.  I have to admit that I was almost put off  continuing to watch the series because I just couldn’t stand the evil mother and dumb brother of Seung Joo plus the super annoying Bang Jung-mi.

Thank goodness I persevered,  Kim Kang Woo and Uee are so likeable that even if drama is a bit troublesome at first, I just had to continue on.

The story is about a woman, Seung Joo, who is 35 years old. She suffers discrimination for still being single.

Not only that, Seung Joo is now afflicted with panic attacks caused by too much responsibilities, family relationship and bereavement as well as work-related stress.  To top all that, her house, which is mortgaged to the hilt, had become a serious crime scene.  Someone was murdered in her house.  She let a Canadian holiday maker stay only to get murdered.

To add more mystery, the assailant was really after her.   He seemed to be punishing or trying to kill Seung Joo for something she did which caused the death of his wife, the mother of his cute child.

With all these goings on, Seung Joo went to the mountain to look at the inheritance from her beloved aunt, who passed away.  The aunt was the only relative who loved her dearly.

In the mountain she found a lone tenant, Oh Jak Do, who asked her to allow him to continue living in the mountain house.  Seung Joo agreed to the request as she does not really want to change anything, but she asked him to pretend to be her husband.

Unbeknown to Seung Joo, her brother stole her stamp and change the deed to the mountain property.  Her mother was in connivance with the son.  These two are really horrible.  Seung Joo had continue to bankrole them as well as meet all the debts incurred by her no-good brother who engaged with get rich schemes, which always fail.

Oh Jak Do, who is a bit of hick came to live in Seoul to be with Seung Joo as a pretend husband.

He is beginning to be really protective of Seung Joo; with her health and safety.  A number of times, he had to deal with men, including the assailant, who wanted to do her harm.

In episode 5, Oh Jak Do is not quite the hick that he was anymore. He had a shave and a haircut and looking yummy 🙂 and Seung Joo thought so too. 🙂

It seems that there might be some other love interests in the future episodes as Eun-jo, Oh Jak Do’s first love has come back to the scene.  She is now a renowned gayageum musician as was Oh Jak Do, once upon a time.

There was also a bumbling but cute second male lead, Eric Jo, who has a massive crush on Seung Joo.

Awww episode 10 sees Seung Joo and Jak Do getting together for real as a couple.  I have to say the actors have such a good chemistry.    Uee is not the prettiest actress but she has charisma and she looks so clean and fresh.

Episode 11

Jak Do and Seung Joo are learning to live together in the mountains. They have so much cute scenes.  Guilty pleasures!  They make you smile.

Jak Do is just the best husband.  He did most of the chores and really cosseted Seung Joo.  He also work hard to earn money to be able to buy her a ring.

Anyway Jak Do as being the anonymous and reclusive gayageum maker & player is coming to an end.

Towards the end of the episode Eun Jo had come to speak to Jak Do about revealing himself as the elusive Oh Hyuk (or something) at the same time Seung Joo stumbled upon a gayageum workshop in their place in the mountains.  Seung Joo had been looking for Oh Hyuk herself.

Episode 12 & 13

Seung Joo’s mother and brother are the pits, really horrible, a couple of leeches.  Their threats were heard by Jak Do so he really did not much choice but do something about it.  He will finally reveal himself as the elusive Oh Hyuk to Eric Jo.

Eric Jo is rather adorable in this episode.  He confessed to Seung Joo and he was just too darn cute.

Finally the mysterious man in black, who murdered the woman boarding at Seung Joo’s house has been caught.

His back story is that his wife who committed suicide blamed the producer for all his trouble.  Her husband hunted the wrong producer.  The producer is actually Seong Joo’s boss who made Dong Se-ra pregnant and then left her.  Dong Se-ra’s husband made a mission to torture and kill Seong Joo. But she was the wrong producer.

Episode 14

In a fit of anger, Seong Joo hurled the ring that Jak Do gave her.  This was because she knew that Jak Do was about to leave her to become Oh Hyuk.  She kept telling him that she wanted him as Jak Doo.  Once he turned into Oh Hyuk, we will change.

Jak Do promised to return to her no matter what but she just won’t believe him.  He spent the whole night looking for the ring in the yard.

Seong Joo was rather touched when she found the ring with the note saying tha if she threw the ring again, he won’t be there to look for it.

Jak Doo moved in with Eric Jo and you can feel that there will be a bromance in the making.  I do like them to get on as Eric is so funny.  Jung Sung Hoon, who plays Eric, has brilliant comic timing.

Eric paid all of Seong Joo’s brother’s debts. This was the reason for Jak Do’s great sacrifice of going public as Oh Hyuk.  He couldn’t let Seong Joo to be stressed and burdened by her family.

Global Granary

Episode 15 – 16

These two episodes were just a filler.  Nothing really much happened except for a rising blood pressure story about how Seong Joo kept harping about her being independent woman and she knows how to look after herself.

And then she goes out of character. She is so pathetic when it comes to her family.  There is filial and being filial.  Seong Joo is being stupidly filial, pandering and encouraging his younger brother to be more stupid and unreliable.  How can she continue bailing him out?  He is a fully grown man.  She sent him to school and now made an air-head pregnant.  Really?

Her mother, who is a total evil, now had taken over the first floor of Seong Joo’s house and she allows her brother to live with her on the second floor with the horrible Bang Jung-mi.

In the middle of this, she tortured Jak Doo; not allowing him to see her.  But in the end, she will produce his documentary after all.  So what were these two episodes about?!!!

Good thing Kim Kang woo and Uee are charming, otherwise I would have dropped this drama.  There are so many characters that are really redundant!

Episode 17 – 18

I have to say these episodes are all over the place.  Uee has been shouting her dialogues, so acting sounded and looked so fake.  Thank goodness for Kim Kang Woo and Jung Sang Hoon for their consistent fine acting.  Their characters’ developing bromance saved these rather messy episodes.

Uee as Seung Joo is still playing hard to get and yet can’t really let go of  Jak Do/Oh Hyuk at the same time.  Her character is so muddled and sometimes I don’t like her.  She lost her vibrancy and I blame the script writers.

Really this story doesn’t really need 24 episodes.  It would have been done and dusted at 16 episodes.

These fillers episodes only made an otherwise sweet, pure love story boring.

Come on scriptwriters buckle up and tighten your hold on the story line.  We don’t really need so much airtime on the three old ladies.  We don’t really care much about the mother, brother and his appalling pregnant girlfriend.  Seriously!

Lucky couple; in the end they were able to live an idyllic life in the mountain and doing what they wanted to do.

And yet able to commute to the city as well to fulfill obligations with work, family and friends.

Love it.


Jugglers – Korean Drama Review


Jugglers – Korean Drama Review

I have just started watching this new South Korean drama and I much say it is very promising.  The lead actress plays Jwa Yoon-Yi (Baek Jin-Hee) is adorably quirky but extremely efficient, while the lead actor is Daniel Choi playing the reluctant boss, Nam Chi – Won.

Jugglers pertain to the so-called office wives, the personal assistants, who would do almost anything for their bosses.  (In some cases, sleep with the boss is not out of bounds, but so naughty especially if the boss is already taken!)

Jugglers are the employees who anticipate every need of their employer. And this is what this drama is all about.

The Personal Assistants are encouraged to get to know their bosses inside and out, his health condition, mental condition, his hobbies, his habits, people nearest and dearest to him, people who want to do him harm, everything.  Sometimes the PA knows more of their bosses than the bosses know themselves.

The only thing is that if the boss is particularly demanding, a PA’s life is no longer her own. She lives and breathes her boss life, including his personal.

During episode 1, Jwa Yoon Yi ended up being fired from her job because her boss’ wife wrongly thought that she was sleeping with her boss.  Unfortunately for Jwa Yoon Yi, the news got around and it was difficult to find another job.  That is until she was made a fait accompli PA to Nam Chi Won.

Episode 5

Yoon Yi is extremely annoying in this episode.  She is so clingy and over the top for a PA.  She is going to ruin her boss if she continues on with her antics.

Reunited Worlds – KDrama Review

Reunited Worlds poster

Reunited Worlds – KDrama Review

I have just started watching this drama and I have to admit totally enjoying it.

It somehow reminded me of an old favourite French drama Les Revenants (The Returned).  It has a hint of the French drama where someone who was dead returned one day as if nothing happened.

Probably Reunited Worlds is indeed Korean’s version of the French Les Revenants.

Sung Hae Sung (played by Yeo Jin-Goo) was a revenant.  He died, having been hit by a car, when he was 18 years old.  He left behind four siblings and his grandmother.  This was sad and rather ‘inconvenient’ for his family as he was the man of the house, the breadwinner.

There were flashbacks when he was still in middle school (high school) and he had a very good friend, who would have been his girlfriend had he lived.  The girl was Jung Won (played by Jung Chae Yeon as the 18 years old and Lee Yeon Hee as the 31 years old Jung Won).  He also had a posse of male friends.

Anyway 12 years on after Hae Sung’s death, a flying disc greatly intrigued lots of people, especially students at a high school.  They watched the disc falling/flying from the sky.  But there was one student sleeping on a ledge of the rooftop who turned out to be Sung Hae Sung.

The next scene was that students poured out into the rooftop to get a better look of the flying disc only to see him.  Hae Sung was a stranger to them as he was wearing a non-standard uniform.  He also felt confused himself as they were all unfamiliar faces.

He run to his old school room and found a teacher who said that the uniform he was wearing used to be what the students wore 12 -10 years ago.

Poor Hae Sung was so confused.  In his mind it was still 2005 not 2017.  He run all the way to his old house to check on his family but another family lives there now.  He had a run in with the new owner who struck him on the head with a wood.  He ended up in the police station all bruised and battered.  When he was asked his age he gave them his date of birth but they won’t believe him as he obviously looks 18 rather than 31.  The police did hit on his record and showed his photo which looked exactly like him and the date of birth he gave matched.  But it also said that he was deceased.

In the same police station, he met an old school friend who fainted right away upon seeing him.  He was eventually updated on what had gone on.

Hae Sung has powers.  He heals quickly and he has super strength.

It was lovely when Hae Sung and Jung Won finally met.

In the background there was a man who watches him.  He asked Hae Sung whether he had just ‘returned’?

I can’t wait for the next episodes.

Highly recommended

Pasta, KDrama Review

Pasta, MBC television series

Pasta, KDrama Review

I was missing  my favourite actresses of Korean dramas lately.  Gong Hyo Jin, Hwang Jung eum (who is on maternity leave), Park Shin Hye, Song Ji Hyo, Choi Ji Woo, Kim Ha Neul and Ha Ji won seem not to be in any drama lately.

Gong Hyo Jin, for me has the best track record of romantic dramas or otherwise.  She develops the best chemistry with her leading men that makes her dramas extremely watchable.

Though I was hesitant at first to watch Pasta as it was rather ‘old’ having been shown in 2010, within few minutes I was captivated.  And before you know it I am watching episode 17 of 20 (invested 17 hours already)  and enjoying every minute of it, falling in love with Lee Sun-Kyun as the master chef, Choi Hyun-Wook, and of course Gong Hyo Jin as the newly elevated chef, Seo Yoo-Kyung, after being an assistant for 3 whole years, finally allowed to shake her own pan. 🙂

The story is endearing.  The characters are charming, which I like. No wanton show of physical affection.  It is all about the looks and smiles with the two characters.

Though there is a third wheel and even a fourth wheel in the love story of Yoo Kyung and Hyun Wook, Oh Se-Young, ex-girlfriend of Hyun Wook was not a horrible one and Kim San, the Cactus Man is loveable. You feel sympathy for both of them, so much so you want them to get together.

The story shows the hectic behind the scene of the kitchen in a busy restaurant. Each chef has his/her designated chore. I know I should have known this as there are so many television programs, like Gordon Ramsey’s Hell Kitchen, now that shows the goings on but I am afraid I am still probably one of the few that do not watch such tv. LOL.

Pasta is about an Italian Restaurant in South Korea called La Sfera, where Yoo-Kyung had been employed as an assistant to chefs for 3 years. One day, after going to market for restaurant provision, where she was given a couple of goldfish as a freebie, she bumped literally bumped into someone which made her drop her bag of goldfish. A tall, handsome stranger helped her save the poor fish.

After some sweet flirtings, the next time they saw one another was in the restaurant. The stranger was the new head chef, Hyun wook, who brought in 3 other Italy trained sous chefs with him.

Hyun Wook and Yoo Kyung quickly fell for one another but it was not a smooth run as initially the chef made it a rule of a No Kitchen romance, which he used to sack all of the female chefs except for Yoo-Kyung. He doesn’t like female chefs in his kitchen.  When it came out that he was dating Yoo-Kyung,  there was a rebellion which forced him to hand in  his notice instantly.  Of course this created more problems as his posse of Italy-trained chefs walked out as well.

He had to return, but he became rather stricter with Yoo-Kyung.  Poor girl she was a nervous wreck! 🙁

But in between all the dramas, their chemistry is just too gooey sweet that you’ll be left in a pool of caramel delight on the floor or sofa (wherever you are watching it really).  It is darn cute!

There are so many tips of food preparations and the pasta were all so delectable I had to have some, thus the pasta recipes below or before this blog. LOL

Highly recommended for a weekend viewing curled up in the sofa with the mobile phone on the ready to order Italian food. 🙂


Suspicious Partner – KDrama Review

Suspicious Partner

Suspicious Partner – KDrama Review

Suspicious Partner is a new favourite, timely replacing the now concluded Queen of Mystery.

This Korean drama has plenty to offer, a great chemistry between the leads: Ji Chang-wook who plays a lawyer Ji Wook and Nam Ji-Hyun who plays the leading lady Bong-Hee.  The drama also has courtroom battles, a serial killer still on the loose, emotional entanglements with erring ex-girlfriend and childhood friend, boss, co-workers, parents, painful childhood memories, etc.

The drama started on a misunderstanding. Bong-Hee, while on a crowded subway train, mistook the quiet and retiring Ji Wook as a sexual deviant, as the one touching and rubbing her bottom. Despite Ji Wook’s denial, Bong Hee would have none of it.

Anyway Bong Hee was on her way to a hotel to see if there was any truth to the text message she received informing her that her boyfriend was there with another woman.

Indeed her boyfriend was there seemingly loved-up with another girl.  Bong Hee was heartbroken but her pride kicked in and announced to the entire restaurant that she will sleep with the first man she would bumped into.  And she bumped into Ji Wook, who serendipitously saw and heard everything that was going on.  His back story was that he caught his ex girlfriend sleeping with their childhood best friend.  So he felt empathy with Bong-Hee.  At this early stage there is already a frisson between them.  After drinking herself senseless, she woke up in Ji Wook’s rather palatial house.  She gathered up her things and left in mortification, not knowing if anything happened between them.

Fast forward three months later, Bong Hee started as an intern in a prosecutor office. And her boss only happened to be Ji Wook, who is rather infamous for his rigid black or white way of looking at things.  At this point her boyfriend is now openly dating another intern.  Bong-Hee would often sing threats of killing her ex boyfriend.

One muggy night, during a total blackout, Bong Hee went out to get some beer.  Upon her return to her flat, she stumbled over the body of her ex boyfriend, who happened to be the son of the chief of the District Prosecutor’s Office..

She was arrested and Ji Wook was the prosecutor.  But somehow he believed Bong-Hee and despite death to his career as prosecutor, he chose to help Bong-Hee.

Bong-Hee got off due to lack of evidence.  But it meant Ji Wook can’t work as a public prosecutor anymore.  Their last meeting, Ji-Wook told Bong-Hee that he would never see her again and if their path should ever crossed, they would have to be strangers.

Three years later, Ji Wook is working in a large law office as an attorney while Bong-Hee struggling to keep her small one-man-band law office.

But it seems fate has its own agenda as Ji Wook and Bong-Hee kept bumping into one another. The chemistry is sizzling, though it was supposed to be a one-sided love on the part of Bong-Hee to Ji Wook.

Ji Wook was unhappy with his job so he quits in view of starting his own law office.  But for some reason the big boss, Byun Young-hee, of the company came with him and even his childhood best-friend , Eun Hyuk,(who slept with Ji-Wook’s girlfriend, Cha Yoo-jung) opted to go with him.  His motley crew also includes paralegal Bang (he is my favourite character, I find him really charming! LOL).  In actuality, Ji Wook wanted to work with Bong-Hee, who had moved in with him as a temporary lodger, after her business closed down.

Their first case was a man who was accused of killing a popular chef.  The evidence is all circumstantial, therefore it was fairly easy to defend him.  However Ji Wook felt uneasy about the guy.  We, the viewers, of course knew that he was the serial killer.

This week episode is the culmination of the hot and cold personal relationship between Ji Wook and Bong Hee.  They shared a tight embrace followed by a passionate kiss!!! 🙂

Can’t wait for next week.


The passionate kiss is a start of their gooey love affair.  But there is another hook-line in the story.

We find out that both Ji Wook’s parents died in a fire.  He was adopted by his biological mom’s best friend who happens to be married to Byun Young Hee (the boss).

We got a glimpse of Bong-Hee’s father walking away from the dying father of Ji-Wook from the fire.  This glimpse was from a recurring nightmare of Ji Wook.  We are left with this tantalising look-in into Ji-Wook’s childhood.  Was Bong-hee’s father the fire-starter or was he there to save Ji-Wook from the fire?!!!

Can’t wait for next week’s episode 21 & 22 🙂


21-24 episodes literally ended with a Bang. 🙁 🙁 🙁 huhuhu  My favourite character, Mr Bang, the one with the wicked smile is no more.  I hope he is not really dead.  The seer did say to Ji-Wook, do not be too upset as everything is gonna be alright!

Radiant Office, KDrama Review

Radiant Office (Jachebalgwang Opiseu)

“Life is a series of blockings and openings.”
– Eun Ho-won

This drama has been consistently enjoyable.

Radiant Office, KDrama Review

Jachebalgwang Opiseu

I started watching this Korean series after having just seen two dramas: Drinking Solo and Something About 1%.  Both dramas starred Ha Seok-jin.  I enjoyed both dramas tremendously, so I invested more viewing hours on this new one having put my faith on the lead actor, Seok -jin.  Good investment. 🙂

Radiant Office shows work culture which is universal around the world. 🙂 🙂 🙂  How the newbies had to kowtow to their seniors.  They had to find their wings and develop thicker skin pronto in order to survive.

Why the drama is called Radiant Office?  I can only hazard a guess.

I think, interns, as well as the seniors, had to continuously excel in their jobs to secure or keep permanent positions.

Employees must radiate competence and cheerfulness to be deserving of their positions.

Anyway the story is about three interns who started working at Hauline, in its furniture division.  The interns have something in common, they were all treated for attempted suicide in the same hospital at the same time by an emergency doctor, who happens to be a chaebol, being the second son of the owner of Hauline.

At that same night in the hospital, all three individuals inadvertently heard a rather alarming post-suicide prognosis that one of them has a terminal illness and not much long to live, probably 6 months max.

The three did not wait to find out who was actually had the illness.

That same night, Eun Ho-won, one of the three, played by Go Ah-sung, got a text message that she passed the interview and now going to be an intern at Hauline.  Finally a result after rejections totalling to 101 job applications.

The next time the three met again was at Hauline as interns competing for a single permanent position. By that time the other two male interns had gone back in the hospital for a good check-up.  By power of deduction, it must be Eun Ho Won, who had not gone for a check up yet, who is the ill one.

Eun Ho-won, has been emboldened by her ‘illness’ that she is more confident and feisty, thinking she had really nothing to lose.  Often she would blurt out the machinations and the ails within the sales and marketing departments, contravening office politics. 🙂

The actors are amazing in portraying their respective roles.

This is a 16-episodes series and would finish next week.  What a shame.  I am going to miss it.

It is a drama-comedy.  Highly recommended.