PEACE AND GOODWILL Christmas, New Year AND Beyond…


Global Granary of Nations

Christmas and the New Year period is normally one of peace and finding good cheer, love and friendship with one another. A tranquil time settles just after Christmas Eve and Day festivities. We hope such will extend beyond January 1st and those good nations with good people sadly suffering from turmoil and troubles, will find peace and good will in the coming year.

Despite our fears, frailties and shortcomings, we are all human beings, being ultimately from the same race. The majority of us try and show goodwill and fellowship to each other.  Those that are fundamentalist whether religious or political and who have their own agendas to gain personal power at any level and by any means, should be marginalised and common sense from the common people should prevail.

We the sensible people, know that those who preach radicalism, hate and intolerance, do not pay heed to the true words and meaning  uttered by our God, saviour, prophet, spiritual teacher, master.

We experience those policitians who become corrupted by power and who become isolated from the people they are meant to govern and serve.

Leaders of nations must reflect and act upon what we want & desire to make our fragile planet safer, calmer and free from wars, conflicts, terror and pollution. They must look to conserve at home and not needlessy, imperialistically for profit or self interest interfere in other nations, unless asked to do and benefit for the people does result.

We are merely stewards that pass this way once on earth. We owe it to our children and descendants to leave a fit healthy place to live and evolve.

As Sir Thomas More proposed in the 16th Century England, will we ever see an Utopian society, with nations based on rational thought, with communal property, great productivity, free from avarice,  no class distinctions, no poverty, little crime or immoral behavior, religious tolerance, and little inclination to war including no racial and religious divides among its’ peoples.

I do not think this state is hard to achieve, only in the minds of those who do not aspire.

Let’s make our global home safe, habitable like we want our own family homes to be…

We at Global Granary sincerely wish all our viewers & visitors a Very Merry Christmas and A Peaceful New Year in 2013.

We truly look forward to hearing from you.

Home Remedies

How to cure warts!

According to a book I am reading, there is a way to cure warts which is strictly home made. Rummage through your cold store cupboard for a potato. Thinly peel the potato and use the inner side of the peel to rub into your wart. Repeat this three times a day and in a couple of weeks the wart would blacken and then drop off.

Another way is to rub a frog, hahaha, on your wart.

Money and Savings


Penny Jar, photo by JMorton

We all feel the pinch, unless you are a multimillionaire, at this present economic climate. It is therefore useful to find ways of saving and be more economical in order to overcome being stressed due to monetary problems.

Money and Savings

Here are some ways to save:

If you have a hobby, why not make it into a money spinner.

Don’t go food shopping when you are hungry; hunger would make you buy all those biscuits and cakes which are not good for your waste or wallet.

Instead of buying expensive gift wraps, why not buy a role of beautiful wall paper. It will go a long way.

Give up chocolates, crisps, Bollinger, and smoking!

Saving Money Tips

Ways to save energy that you don’t already know

Another cold winter could spell problems for UK homes, with energy prices rising by more than 18%. Here are some lesser-known ways to save…

Felicity is pinching pennies for Yahoo! Finance

Felicity Hannah, 15:41, Friday 28 October 2011

The cost of gas, electricity and other fuels rose 18.3% on the year in September, according to Office for National Statistic figures. With another unusually cold winter predicted by some, that’s sending a chill down my back.

You’ve probably already read many well-documented ways to cut down on the amount of energy you use, such as only boiling the water you need and avoiding the tumble dryer. I’ve even looked at whether you can save cash by not washing your bed sheets.

But there are other ways to save energy in the home, even if they only make a small difference. It all adds up after all. So I’ve been looking for more unusual ways to cut back — I hope some of these are new for you too.

Use the microwave
There’s evidence to suggest that using a microwave to heat small amounts of food uses less energy than the oven.

Go offline
Consider switching your broadband modem router off at night and when you’re out of the house. Admittedly, leaving it on constantly for an entire year costs just £7 — but then, this is a list of small ways to save!

Dust your fridge
Bizarre but true. According to British Gas, if you let dust gather on the condenser coils at the back of your bridge it can raise its energy consumption.

Free your radiators

Leaving clothes on radiators to dry might help you avoid the tumble dryer, but it also puts your boiler under extra strain. Hang your laundry on a clothes horse in a warm room instead or outside when the weather’s good.

Go vertical with your veg
You can cook several different foods on the same ring if you use a steamer and stack them up.

Shift your sofa
Is your furniture absorbing the heat from your radiator? Move your sofa so that it’s not blocking your radiators, if you can, so the heat can spread throughout the room. Similarly, a shelf just above the radiator can deflect heat into the room instead of towards the ceiling.

Cover your keyholes
If you have an old-fashioned large keyhole then the draft can be bad. A cheap keyhole cover from a DIY shop will make a huge difference.

Power off at the plug
Since 2010, electronic products sold in the EU are not allowed to have a standby power greater than 1W, so they aren’t as much of an issue as they have been. But the Energy Saving Trust claims the average UK home still wastes £35 a year powering gadgets left on in standby mode, so it’s still worth turning your appliances off at the wall.

Deal with draughts
If you have rattling window or door frames then cheap draught-excluder strips can save you as much as £25 a year, according to the consumer association Which?

Don’t leave chargers plugged in
This is true for everything with a power cable and a battery. Chargers frequently have lights on them or feel warm — that means they’re using power — so as soon as you’ve finished charging your phone, toothbrush or laptop, unplug the charger – rather than simply leaving the item charging overnight or taking the lead from it when the battery says it’s full.

Buy the best gadgets
Choosing the most energy efficiency appliances can save you real money, even if they cost a little more to start with. For example, according to Which?, the most efficient fridge freezer can result in annual savings of £75.

Leave home
It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek but getting out of the house can really cut your heating costs, according to the comparison website uSwitch. It ran a survey that showed 13% of respondents visit family, friends and even the library to avoid heating their own home. With heating accounting for 42% of the average energy bill, it’s certainly worth turning the heating down or off when you do go out.

Prune your preheating
Don’t leave the oven preheating for longer than necessary. It might be convenient, but it’s a complete waste of energy.

Pocket money for going greener
Some of these tips won’t save you that much cash and it’s tempting to decide they’re not worth it. But they all help change your mindset, so you’re much more aware of the energy you use. They will cut down on our combined environmental impact and that has to be worth a small amount of inconvenience.

Felicity is Yahoo! Finance’s money-saving columnist. If you have a money-saving scheme you’d like to see tried out then let us know in the comment box below.

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Punch Bowl

If you are going to give me a gift for Christmas –

I want this!   I love the shape of it and also it did look so solid and sturdy when I saw it at John Lewis.  Really, really pretty.  Would be so lovely in the garden during a summer party.

Punch Bowl

This is made of glass. It is recommended that it is handwashed with a mild detergent.

I really like this for Christmas. Just the business for the New Year.

It is £65 from John Lewis and free delivery.


I can just imagine all the punch drink I can make and serve, both alcoholic and just fruity.  I can see myself making loads of sangria.  Also orange fruit juice with all the fresh fruity bits on it.