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Yang Yang – Chinese Actor


Yang Yang – Chinese Actor

Yang Yang


  • DoB: 9 September 1991 (27)
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Career: Singer, Dancer & Actor
  • Currently on the top 5 most influential celebrity in China.

Films & Tv Dramas:


Yang Yang is a Chinese actor & singer.

His career went mega stratospheric; he was commemorated in an official stamp. 🙂  I can understand this as he has got a perfect profile 🙂 🙂 🙂

He was only asked to carry the Olympic torch in 2016.

Here he is singing.

Click here for the magic of Yang Yang.

Once Upon A Time – Chinese Film

Yang yang & Liu Yifei

Once Upon A Time – Chinese Film

I have just finished watching this film.  It is a Chinese movie which made used a lot of CGI, comparable to any Hollywood blockbustre.  Imaginative and colourful.

It is a beautiful fantasy romance film, made more marvelous by the presence of the super gorgeous Yang yang.  He made such a fantastic looking crown prince Black Dragon.

The story is about… what was the story again.  The film is so fast paced and the English subtitles are so minute and sometimes transparent plus the fact the there are so many beautiful things to look at, that most of the times I have lost track of the story.

Thank goodness there are flashbacks of some sort.

Warning!!! Please do not read anymore if you are not after spoilers and precis of the story!

Anyway if I get this correctly some 90,000 years ago, Bai Qian (Liu Yifei) was a goddess and a disciple of a great warrior god, Mo Yuan (Yang yang).  Mo Yuan’ was able to defeat and seal in the demon lord , but by doing so he lost his soul and life.  Bai Qian encased his body in a block of ice to prevent it from decaying as she believes that he will come to live once again.

After so many thousands of years Bai Qian had to reseal the tomb of the demon lord.  This task meant that she has to undergo some training 🙂 to become a high goddess.  The training involved going to the lower region and becoming a mortal and face several trials.

As a mortal, she became Su Su (Liu Yifei) who lived alone in the mountainside.  One day she came upon a young man who had fainted from tiredness.

He was no ordinary man, he was Ye Hua, the crown prince black dragon, who had been fighting for 7 days non-stop and had collapsed from extreme fatigue..  Su su nursed him into good health.  The grateful Ye Hua asked Su Su what she wanted as a reward.  Su su, unaware that Ye Hua was a prince, innocently blurted out that she wanted him to marry her. After a few heartbeats, the gorgeous Ye Hua agreed.

After some romantic interludes, Su su got pregnant and also found out that Ye Hua was the crown prince and an immortal.

When Su su got into the upper realm and meet all the other deities, she also met a goddess who was the intended/betrothed to Ye Hua.  This resulted in jealousy, plotting and misunderstanding.

It was against the deities’ law for one of them to marry a mortal.  Ye Hua’s ex(goddess) plotted to separate Ye Hua and Susu by all means.  She lied and blamed Su su when she intentional fell but rescued by Ye Hua.  As a punishment from trying to hurt a goddess, Su su eyes were plucked out which Ye Hua as a crown prince, agreed to. But the spiteful goddess was not finished, she led the blind Su su, who was holding on to her new baby into the ninth platform.  She then told Su su that she was useless and Ye Hua wanted to be rid of her.  At the last minute, Ye Hua appeared and hug the sad and desperate Su su.  She held her baby to Ye hua and said to call him A Li, meaning parting and then she jumped to her ‘death’,

As she was falling into her death Su su, turned into a nine-tail fox.

She comes back as immortal again but not as Bai Qian but as Si Yin (Liu Yifei) who has no memories of the past as a mortal.  She drank from the magic fountain of lost memories :).

One day, 300 years later, at the heavenly realm, she went blindfolded to a deities gathering. She met a naughty little boy who stole her metallic fan aka weapon.  She run after the boy but the father turned up.  They had a brief ninja/sword fight.  It ended when her blindfold was removed.  The boy called her ‘mom’ and the man was Ye Hua who called her Su su, his wife.  Si Yin was completely dumbfounded.  She doesn’t know them.  She doesn’t have a family.

But everywhere she turned and went , Ye Hua and A Li were there.  They both came to live with her.  To cut the story short, they decided to get married.  But before they married, the ex was into mischief again.  She told Si Yin that as Su Su, being a mortal was nothing to Ye Hua.  He was now marrying her again because she has now some use being a goddess as well.

During the wedding ceremony Si Yin walked out.

She learnt that Su su soul/memory was in suspended vessel.  She asked Ye Hua for the vessel.  After so much angst and contemplation, she was given the vessel and she got her memory.  She remembered how Ye Hua saved his ex as she plunges from the ninth platform, she remembers how the crown prince allowed her eyes to be plucked out.  She remembers how the prince was always absent from her side.  She remember that she plunged alone.

She was very sad for Su Su and for herself.  She left the heavenly palace and the prince in despair.

But Ye Hua followed her and stayed watching her as she wallowed in self pity.

But sadly Ye Hua had to leave as the demon lord had been resurrected.

Si Yin’s  lady’s maid came to find her.  She told her that her memory was one sided.  Being a mortal Su su, she did not have any right against the deities.  When she was blamed by the ex, the crown prince did not have any choice but to grant the punishment of plucking her eyes, she then remembered that the prince whispered to her that he will be her eyes from then on.  He save the ex as she was a goddess and she can really make it difficult for Su su if she is not pacified.  And when she jumped from the ninth platform the prince did try to save her but he did not have much energy as he had been blasted by thunder and lighting, which zapped his strength as punishment for marrying a mortal.

The end was that Ye Hua defeated the demon lord and he had to seal in ice.  It also sealed him in a watery frozen grave much to the distress of Si Yin.

Many years later, when the ten miles peach blossoms bloomed once again, the ice case of Yo Muan started to break.

Next scene there amongst the blowing peach blossoms, Yo Muan/Ye Hua extended his hand and said “Sin Yin, come here!”



Best Looking South East Asian Actors

Forget about Hollywood.  The best looking men in the celebrity world can be found in Asia.  I know what I am talking about as I have watching Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, Chinese dramas, Taiwanese dramas, Filipino dramas, Thai dramas and other south Asian dramas non-stop from 8 am to sometimes until 2am almost everyday for the last seven months. Hehehe

I can’t believe how many gorgeous men from Asia who can easily eclipse any Hollywood hunks in appearance and aura.

To be honest, in watching dramas the first thing you thing about is who the male lead was.  The actors can easily be prettier than the female lead.  Probably that is the reason why they are paid more than the actresses. Don’t get me wrong, they all work hard for their money.  Most of them are versatile; they can sing, they can dance and of course good actors.

The list of films and dramas I have attached is not the complete body of works by the respective actors below.  The list only includes those I have personally watched!

Best Looking South East Asian Actors

Here are a few of my choices: (a work in progress)




Jo In SungJo In Sung (aka Zo In Sung)  is a Korean actor.  He is so beautiful that even celebrities are blown away and left quivering in delight when he is around.

Apparently he is very choosy of projects.  The dramas and film he made though are thoroughly enjoyable entertainment and he just so visually beautiful.

See for yourselves:

A Frozen Flower is a beautiful film.  My first historical film that I saw, where the men are dressed in intricately embroidered long colourful hanboks and freshly shampooed long hair. 🙂  I did not really read much about the film before I watched it, I just wanted to see more of Jo In Sung film.


Films & Dramas starring Jo In Sung:

The Winter the Wind Blows

It’s Okey, It’s Love

The King


A Frozen Flower



So Ji Sub

So Ji Sub is a Korean actor and a singer as well. He made looking thoughtful so sexy.  The last drama I saw him on was Oh My Venus.  It was not a new one but I have been putting if off for sometime because I thought it was all about a fat girl.  I finally watched the drama in its entirety this week and I thought I should have watched it sooner.  It was so good and So Ji Sub and his abs are a feast to the eyes!

Another drama that he was so yummy is called Master’s Sun.  I also adored him in a film called Rough Cut.

So Ji Sub Films & Dramas:

  • Oh My Venus
  • Rough Cut
  • Master’s Sun



Cha Seung Won

Cha Seung Won

Cha Seung Won is a South Korean actor, who was a much sought after model in the 90s.

These days he is much more in demand in films and television dramas.  He is actually a very good and versatile actor.

Films and Dramas:

  • The Greatest Love
  • City Hall




Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook is a South Korean actor.

Films & Dramas by Lee Dong Wook:

  • Goblin
  • Scent of A Woman
  • Hotel King





Bomb Tanin Manoosilp

Bomb Tanin Manoonsilp

Bomb Tanin Manoonsilp

Bomb Tanin Manoonsilp is a Thai actor who seems to star in Mafia type dramas.  Cubic was such a good romantic drama.







Hyun Bin


Hyung Bin

Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin is a South Korean actor.  Apparently Hyun Bin is a bit of an action man.  When he took his mandatory military service, he chose to join the more rigorous training as a marine.

Here is one of his commercials

Dramas and Films:

  • Secret Garden
  • My Name Is Kim Sam-soon





Ryohei Otani

Ryohei Otani

Ryohei Otani is a Japanese actor and model.

Melvin Sia

Melvin Sia is a Malaysian Chinese actor.  There is something about him that is adorable.  🙂

Films & Dramas:

  • To The Dearest Intruder
  • Dear Mom
  • Dear Prince
  • V Focus




Gabby Concepcion

Gabby Concepcion is a Filipino actor and model.  He was the most popular matinee actor of the 80s in the Philippines.

He is best remembered as the first husband of the Mega Star, Sharon Cuneta.



Films & Dramas:

  • Ika 6 Na Utos (6th Commandment)
  • Underage
  • P.S. I Love You
  • Dear Heart
  • My Only Love




Jung Woo Sung is a South Korean actor who started as a model.

Jung Woo-sung

Jung Woo-sung


  • Padam padam
  • The King   –  Though the film was really a Jo In Sung film, Jung Woo Sung was really what got me excited.  It actually pained me to say that as I am Jo In Sung no 1 fan ;),  there is something magnetic about Jung Woo Sung.
  • The Good, The Bad and The Weird,  (I love this film so much; it is a South Korean western a la Sergio Leone.  Jung Woo Sung was a stand out.  Riding a horse in tight jeans was dreamy!  🙂
  • Remember You, love this movie.  He met an accident and he was in a coma for 10 months, when he came too, he can’t remember the last 10 years of his life.


Joo Jin Mo 

Joo Jin Mo

Joo Jin Mo

Joo Jin Mo is a South Korean actor. In my opinion, he is one of the sexiest actor there is. There is something serious that way he look, something melancholic, which is sexy.

Films & Movies:

  • A Frozen Flower (seriously sexy film) 🙂
  • 200 Pounds Beauty, a seriously obese woman who had a crush on him, turned into a sexy woman overnight!
  • Woman with a Suitcase – love this Kdrama, there were plenty of thrill.  He had such lovely chemistry with the leading actress, Choi Ji-Woo


Huang Xiao Ming

Huang Xiao Ming

Huang Xiao Ming

Huang Xiao Ming is a Chinese actor, singer and model, who is married to the beautiful Chinese actress, Angelababy.

Films & Dramas:

  • Cruel Romance
  • Breaking The Waves
  • You Are My Sunshine






Robin Padilla

Robin Padilla is a Filipino actor, who is known as the bad boy of Philippine movies, having played his fair share of gang theme films.  He also served a couple of years in a Philippine prison for illegal possession of fire arms.  Despite his jail term, he continued to be popular and iconic.

Robin has got that sex appeal in spades, which is probably due to the way he looked into the movie screen; the curling of his lips and the slight tightening of his eyebrows and those staring eyes as if he can see through you plus his slight guttural voice.  Sexy!  🙂

  • Pagdating ng Panahon (When the time comes)
  • Di Natuto ( Never learned)


Kang Ha Neul

Kang Ha Neul is a young Korean actor, who is one to watch.  He was so good in all the role he has played so far.

He was so good and memorable in the Kdrama Angel Eyes, playing the younger years of the male lead.

Aside from being good looking, good actor, he is also a good singer.  Fall in love with him with his rendition of I Choose to Love You.

Unfortunately, we might not see Ha Neul on films and dramas for a while as he is doing his mandatory military service, which lasts for 24 months.

Films & Dramas:

  • Angel Eyes
  • Twenty
  • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
  • Midnight Runners


Joo Won

Joo Woo

Joo Won is a South Korean actor.  He is very watchable not only for his good looks but for his acting as well.

Film & TV Dramas:

7th Grade Civil Servant

Sweet Sixteen

Fashion King

Cantibile Tomorrow





Park Hae Jin

Park Hae Jin

Park Hae Jin is a South Korean actor.  He is currently starring in a thriller, bromance drama called Man to Man, playing as an undercover agent.

He was so good in the drama called Cheese in the Trap.

Park Hae Jin Films & Dramas:

  • Cheese in the Trap
  • Man to Man
  • My Daughter, Seo-young



Kento Yamazaki

Yamazaki Kento

Kento Yamazaki is a young Japanese actor and model.  Despite his age, he had made several films and dramas, where he was the lead actor.

Films and Dramas:


Motto:  Be Yourself




Ian Veneracion

Ian Veneracion is a Filipino actor and singer who is currently enjoying popularity due to a television series, A Love To Last

Listen to his version of Refrain here.








Jak Roberto

Jak Roberto is a young Filipino actor. His popularity is on the up after appearing in television dramas.

Films & Dramas:

  • Maalaala Mo Kaya
  • Meant to Be







Chang Ki-Yong

Chang Ki Yong is a rising South Korean young star.

He was particularly appealing as a second male lead in the recently concluded Kdrama, Go Back Couple.

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