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The Endless Love (Chinese Drama) Review & Summary

Endless Love poster

The Endless Love (Chinese Drama) Review & Summary

  • AKA: You Coloured My World
  • Genre: Romance, Art, Psychological, Youth
  • Date Released: 2017
  • CDrama: 32 episodes, each lasting around 45 minutes


  • An Yue Xi as Lu You Yan
  • Chen Ruo Xuan as Gu Ye Bai
  • Wei Miles as Wei Zi Jian
  • Luo Yu Tong as Zhou Huai An
  • Wang Jing Yan as Gong Ze Jing
  • Wang Ling Yu as Su San

Apparently, this story will revolve around Gu Ye Bai, a young talented artist, who had an accident which made him lose his ability to see the world in colour.

This happened during a rather difficult and complicated time when he was about to compete in an International painting contest.

The presence of an innocent and cheerful girl will help him overcome his condition which is inherently psychological.

Looking forward to this drama as it stars An Ye Xi of Tornado Girl 2.  Hope all the episodes are now subbed!  🙂  One can only hope!

Episode 1

Ge Ye Bai is recuperating from stress and psychological trauma.  He had an accident 11 years ago, which caused him to have psychogenic colour blindness, which is, of course, fatal to an art student future career.

In this retreat, he met a girl, who makes her surrounding burst into colours.  The girl was

Episode 2

When Ge Ye Bai was over the moon when he found out that the girls in colour was You Yan and she goes to the same university as him.  He can’t believe his luck and started stalking You Yan.

Episode 3

Ge Ye Bai asked You Yan to model for him.

You Yan was reluctant at first but she needed the money.  He told her that she would pay her double of what she was earning in her part-time job.

Episode 4

It was getting harder and harder for Ge Ye Bai to conceal his colour blindness especially when his rival in class, Zi Jian, started to take notice more of him.

You Yang met Zi Jian in a gallery.

They were both looking at a painting by Teacher Chi.

It looks like Teacher Chi Cheng is You Yan’s mother, who died young.  Her last painting was of You Yang but made her looked to be in her teenage years, it is called the Sunshine Girl.

You Yan was upset with her father for having sold her mother’s painting especially the unfinished one.  Her father told her that he sold them for her good.  He doesn’t want to paint as she was not healthy enough.

Zi Jian started showing interest with You Yan as well and Ge Ye Bai is so jealous.

Episode 5

Gu Ye Bai found out that You Yan met Zi Jian at the gallery and he was not very happy.  He was so annoyed that he can’t paint.

Poor Zi Jian is being to feel useless by his older sister because he did not qualify to represent the school for an international contest.

Episode 6

Gu Ye Bai finally confessed that he has a self-induced colour blindness to You Yan.

Episode 7

You Yan suggested to Gu Ye Bai that perhaps they should return to the island when they first met.   It might help him see colours again.

They had a heart to heart where Gu Ye Bai recounted his family or rather lack of.  His mother and brother died in an accident when he was young and had been alone ever since.

He then felt better especially when You Yan would hug him.  He then noticed that he can see colours again and started and finished his painting for the competition.

You Yan and Gu Ye Bai were on their way to send the painting when they met Zi Jian and his sister, who gave them a lift to the post office.  But the wicked sister, purposely mixed up Ye Bai’s painting with Zi Jian.



Favourite Drama Twosome (South East Asian)

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Favourite Drama Twosome (South East Asian)

It is the chemistry that makes a drama works.  Without it, it is hard for the viewers to connect with the leads and the story itself, especially if it is a romantic drama.

There have been plenty of instances where the chemistry is stronger between the lead girl and the second male lead that you wish they get together in the end.  This was particularly in the case of Ma Jin Jo and Nam Gil in Go back Couple.

I have to confess, I quite know my way within the SouthEast Asian dramas as I have binged watched plenty of them these past two years.  And Japanese youth dramas have the most amazing and cute chemistry.

Anyway here is my list:

Chen Xiao Xi & Jiang Chen (A  Love So Beautiful)

Hyuga Toru & Natsui Makoto (Rich Man, Poor Woman

Hong Ra On & Lee Yeong (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds)

Ma Jin Joo & Nam Gil (Go Back Couple)

Kim Shin & Eun Tak; Goblin & Grim Reaper

Zhong Shao Xi & Yan Li Zheng, (Attention, Love)

Kim Bok-Joo & Jung Joon Hyung (Weightlifting Fairy)

Gu Zing Xuan & Zhao Tian Xing (The Masked Lover)

Nao & Uehara (Good Morning Calls Season 1 & 2)

Kohoko & Hajime (Overprotected Kohoko)

Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si (Meteor Garden)