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A-Z Drama & Film Reviews 2018

I have to admit 2018 for me has been majorly about Chinese dramas.

China has brought a lot of good historical/wuxia dramas which have been so entertaining and at times addictive that absence of subtitles had not been a major problem at all.

The drama that had obsessed me a lot for this year was Ever Night. (it was A Love so Beautiful in 2017)  LOL

Having said there were still plenty of gems which were offered through Kdramas, Doramas, Lakorns and from Taiwan.  We have been truly spoilt for choice.

So many dramas, so little time.

A-Z Drama & Film Reviews 2018

  • Accidentally In Love is a Chinese drama that is full of charm and comedy.  I have to say when the lead actor dressed as a girl, he was really pretty, prettier than any of the girls in the cast. The story is about a runaway bride, who had to pretend that she was an ordinary girl in looks and not the heiress that she was.  During her adventure, she bumped into a young singing idol superstar who fell for her feisty and cheerful personality.  Cute drama but the ending needed polishing. Mind you, it is ok because it is a happy ending.  A second season is being film right now with completely different cast in a completely different era; it would be historical.
  • An Oriental Odyssey is a Chinese wuxia drama.  It is very watchable to start with but due to it having so many episodes, it got diluted and draggy at the latter part.  The ending is also not so good.  But it is still something that should be included in your list to watch.
  • Ashes of Love is a Chinese drama starring three impossibly gorgeous leads.  It is a very watchable drama in the Greek’s Homeric epic saga with a touch of Shakespearean tragedy.


  • Battle Through the Heaven is a Chinese Wuxia.  Love the fighting scenes, it is fast paced but in the end, I lost a bit of interest as the story seemed to be about the lead and the creation of his harem.  I supposed I will go back to continue watching it again when the more interesting dramas become thin on the ground.
  • Bloody Romance is a Chinese historical fiction drama which has a lot to offer. Unfortunatly I was sideline by Legend of Fuyao. LOL  I am to go back watching Bloody Romance one of these days. The lead fermale character was a sold to prostitution by her father.  She was then rescued to be turned into a lethal assassin.


  • Cheer Dan is a Japanese cheerleading drama which is a sequel to JETS.  I have to admit I have not seen this drama in full but I have it is my must-watch list as it stars one of my favourite Japanese actress, Tao Tsuchiya.
  • Cinderella Chef is a Chinese historical drama that would make you laugh throughout the course of the series.  The leads and supporting cast delivered excellent action.  Love this drama.  Once to rewatch again.  It is a story of a girl from the 21st century being catapulted to the distant past where she met heroes and bandits which became here clients for her restaurant.  Love the modern twists to historical drama.
  • Come & Hug Me is a Kdrama starring Jang Ki Yong, who shone in Go Back Couple and My Ahjussi.  C&HM is very dark, lots of suspense- a little gem of a drama.
  • Dear Ex is a Taiwanese movie about an ex-wife and the male lover of a man who passed away, leaving his money to the lover.
  • Demon Master is a Chinese drama which is the third season of Master Devil Do Not Kiss.  It has a complete recast.
  • Devilish Joy is a Kdrama about a former singer meeting once again a man who she had a relationship for the briefest of moments.  The man cannot remember her anymore as his memory only last for a day and then reboot again and again.  It is quite a good drama, one to watch.


  • Ever Night (Chinese Drama) I have to admit that this is my favourite drama for 2018.  It is a real treat, the leads are just adorable with an excellent supporting cast, especially the veteran actors.  Watching them feels like you are into something great.  Season 2 with a different male lead and will hopefully be upon as in 2019.


  • Flipped is a Chinese drama which has a lot of potentials.  A story about a talented, healer and protector.  It is also a cute love story.


  • Good Doctor – This is a Japanese remake of a Kdrama.  It is about a doctor trying to fit in despite his autism and savant syndrome. The Good Doctor is played ably by the gorgeous Kento Yamazaki.
  • Granting You a Dreamlike Life is a Chinese drama about a Chinese Opera singer who is torn between two men.
  • Handsome Guy and Jung Eum is a romantic Kdrama.  It is the return to the small screen for Hwang Jung Eum.
  • Here to Heart is a Chinese drama starring two gorgeous leads in Zhang Hans and Janine Chang.  It is about a couple who broke up when they were young as the girl’s sister had fallen in love with her boyfriend and tried to commit suicide.  The boy was heartbroken, both girls were which concerned their fathers who were friends and who were abroad.  The boy’s father decided to come home to sort everything out but his plane crashed and his wife blamed the girl for what happened. Then 7 years later, the couple meets again and emotion still runs deep…


  • Just Want to See You Smile is a Chinese drama about a girl who has camera lens aphasia who wanted to be an actress, lol, and actor who pathological fear of touching.  LOL


  • King of Blaze is a Chinese drama about an alien who came to China, there meeting the doppelganger of his friends and lovers.


  • Like A Flowing River is a Chinese drama starring Wang Kai.  It is a story about three men who went about trying their luck during the economic revolution from 1978 in China.  This drama is a hit in China that a second season is already in the pipeline.
  • Legend of Dugu is a Chinese drama which centers in lives and loves of the Dugu sisters.  Jialou Dugu became also an empress who was promised by her husband that she would be the only woman in his life.  But in the end he was tricked and slept with a doppelganger of her sister.
  • Love Rerun is a Japanese drama about a very introverted woman who had been in love with a childhood friend.  She woke up one day without her memory but she looks fashionable and found out that she had been in a love relationship with a younger man.


  • `Mengfei Comes Across (2018)
  • Meteor Garden 2018. This is a remake of Taiwanese drama, which was a remake of a Japanese drama and then remade by South Korea as well.  It is a story of four flower boys who initially bullied an ordinary girl who then came to love and respect.  It made stars of Dylan Wang, Leon Leong, Ceasar Wu, and Darren Chen.  Shen Yue ensured that she was not just a one-hit wonder.
  • Misty is a KDrama which was so dramatic with so much suspense that you are in suspended disbelief! LOL  Love the top-notch  leads and supporting cast.   Good story is well executed.  Highly recommended.  One of the best on 2018 in Kdramas.
  • My Love From the Ocean is a Chinese drama starring Li Yong Yi.  This drama is roughly based on a Kdrama, My Love from the Star.  Instead of an alien, the girl is a mermaid.


  • Negotiator 2018, is a Chinese Drama starring Yang Mi and Zitao.  Drama romance in the business world.


  • Oh My Emperor is a time traveling historical romance drama which is a treat for everyone young and old.  It is full of gorgeous young men from a boy band and the lead girl was a delight.
  • Old Boy (Chinese Drama) I love this drama.  It has Ariel Lin as the lead female.





  • Single Ladies Senior is a Taiwanese drama centering on love and career prospect of women in their late twenties/thirties.
  • Stepmother & Daughter’s Blues is a Japanese drama about the often fraught relationship between step-family.
  • Suddenly this Summer is a Chinese drama starring that gorgeous actor, Bai Yu.  He is a genius but was forced to give up his education to start his own business.  The lead girl supported his decision all the way through but he was forced to dump her when his business went bankrupt.
  • Something in the Rain is a Kdrama about a noona falling in love with the younger brother of her best friend.  The real trouble started when her mother found out.  She found the relationship rather putrid at she feels she part brought up the boy and was, in essence, a brother to her daughter and son.  It is a cute drama but I found the lead female characterisation too selfish at times and rather humorless.  Otherwise, the soundtrack makes up for any drama fault.  I did not know Carla Bruni could sing so well and made Stand By your Man her own.


  • The Ex-Man is a Taiwanese drama starring Rainie Yang and Lan Blue.  They were exes from high-school.  They met again after during a school reunion.  The old sparks were still there.  But is it enough to start over again?!!!
  • The Story of Minglan is a Chinese wuxia starring real life newly weds Zhao Liying and Feng Shao Feng.  Minglan is a daughter of the second concubine of her father.  Minglan has to learn to get along with her siblings and to find true love for a happy ever after.
  • The Dark Lord is a Chinese drama about an ordinary civilian becoming a magistrate helped by his select group of people working for him to fight corruption.
  • Time Teaches Me to Love is a Chinese webdrama starring gorgeous leads.  Song Yiren who played Sang Sang in Evernight and Yan Yu Hao who played Lan Tian in Mr Swimmer.  It is really cute and easy understand despite lack of English sub just yet.
  • The Miracle We Met is a Kdrama which has so much potention to start with but in the end you feel “what just happened?” The ending is not worthy of this excellent drama with the most excellent cast.  Having said that it is still one of the best/interesting Kdrama of the year.  The ost is amazing.  I would often listen to it.